Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Monthly Visions

What’s Happening this Month - May Monthly Visions
Embracing Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality,
written by Dana Mrkich.

Fistly a word about the current energies…Mars and Uranus just had a rare meeting which means that you might be feeling like you are filled with enough energy to power your own city! What you’re doing with this energy will determine the way in which it’s manifesting. If you’re mis-directing it then it could feel like you are giving yourself and/or others a series of electric shocks, unwanted and definitely a tad unexpected. It’s possible you’re also feeling like a volcano about to explode, or walking around with mini-bursts of lava sprouting out at random moments. If any of this is happening ask yourself if you repressing some part of you that is bursting to get out? If the answer is yes, then find a way to express it that’s healthy!!!

Even if you just get out a piece of paper and write, draw or paint, put on some music and jump around or shout from the tops of your lungs, passionate release is the theme of the moment and better to do it in a way of your choosing then for it to explode in unconstructive ways!! On the positive side if you are moving WITH these energies then you might be feeling like you are driving a Ferrari at breakneck speed to some destination unknown. Very exciting! Just remember to stop every now and again to take in the view and don’t crash into anybody else! Look for 17 degrees Pisces in your natal chart (http://www.astro.com/ does great free charts) to find out which house is being affected.

1 May – Global Love Day

From dancing around the maypole to celebrate the union of the May Queen and May King, to blessing the fields to welcome the coming of fertile crops, the first of May has represented abundance, love, romance, unity and connection for hundreds of years.

Several years ago The Love Foundation launched Global Love Day celebrating these very qualities. Harold W Becker, Founder and President, says: “We understand this day is a symbol of what we can do every day of the year. Our intent is to join together in a conscious recognition that love is always present. For so many, love is often hidden under layers of hurt, trauma, drama, pain and suffering. Emotional memories, unspoken doubt, fear, resentment and a multitude of old beliefs often keep us from realizing these thoughts and feelings have no real power over us. We give them power by living in the past and being afraid of the future. We ignore the love that is present every moment while embracing limitation. It is time to change that. It is time to release ourselves from our own self created bondage.” To find out how you can be part of Love Day read here: http://www.thelovefoundation.com/Global_Love_Day.htm

2 May – Full Moon Scorpio

If you ever want to dive into the deepest parts of your emotional and subconscious waters, or are ready for major healing around your sexuality tap into some Scorpio energy. If you ever need to express hidden, submerged feelings look for a Full Moon and wait for the natural release it triggers. Today we have both. If you’ve been postponing a scuba-diving trip into feelings that have been too scary or mysterious to confront, now is the perfect time.

If you went to the bottom of your heart, what would you find there? What treasure-chest of unspoken words, dreams, desires or fears lies beneath the level of your comfort zone? Strap on your oxygen pack, breathe through it, and just express what you truly want to express – be it in your journal, through tears, or to someone you need to share with. Scorpio promises nothing less than transformation of the soul.

17 May – New Moon Taurus

Write down one thing that nourishes you. Next, one thing that nurtures you. Finally, something that supports you. Now, here’s some homework: Do each of these three things once during May.
Taurus is about immersing in that which feels pleasurable, yet also making sure you have a strong foundation underneath you. When we have taken care of our material needs, our relaxation time feels so much more enjoyable. Vice versa when we take the time to have fun we immerse ourselves in our daily chores and schedules so much more joyfully. Taurus energy awakens our natural ability to combine it all in a balanced way, attracting in life that which makes us feel good: emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

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