Monday, September 03, 2007

September 2007 Monthly Visions

What’s Happening this Month
Embracing Global and Cosmic events to help Create your Reality,
written by Dana Mrkich

As we enter September buckle up, hold on and get ready for a particularly stomach churning part of the rollercoaster ride that is life these days! Bit of a pre-warning – this part of the ride might make you feel a little giddy and queasy as it hurtles you at rapid speed through dark, scary tunnels. It will trigger any little or big fears you have about life, love, change, death, birth, transformation, movement and stepping into a greater part of your true self and new reality. You might feel a little vulnerable as all that seemed familiar is now falling (or being thrown) out the window. We are going through (yet another) intense process of letting go that started with the Aug 28 Lunar Eclipse, to be followed by eventual renewal and rebirth, culminating in the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse. In the middle of that we have Pluto turning direct on Sep 7. On Sep 9 Venus follows him, going direct herself.

This period reminds me of a quote I once read: When God closes one door, he always opens another – but it’s hell in the hallway!!

Sep 7 – Pluto goes direct 26 degrees Sagittarius

If Pluto is hitting your chart you’ll know it. You got a sign a while ago saying it’s time to change - your job, relationship, self, home, friends, a habit or all of the above. You said I will, I will. Some time went by, and Pluto tapped you on the shoulder once again, this time a bit firmer saying it’s time to change. Okay okay, you started dragging your feet, knowing you had to, knowing you should, knowing things would be much better if you did, but ahhhh, it all seemed too scary and too hard. So you delayed. Now, Pluto is giving you one last chance. CHANGE he bellows, and lord help you if you don’t he will do it for you, and that isn’t going to be pretty!

Pluto is Mr Transformation, and if he wants to boot you out from an old reality that is no longer working and move you into a new reality that is more aligned with who you are, he will do it even if he has to drag you kicking and screaming!! So the key here to a peaceful transformation is to surrender to the process. Let go of whatever it is you are holding onto knowing it has served its purpose. Let in the new life that awaits. Grieve, mourn, cry, you are going through a death, the death of part of your self, the death of a part of your life. Yet celebrate, laugh and smile because the death is allowing you to step into something much bigger and better, the birth of a new part of you, and a new chapter in your life containing things you have never experienced before! It is like the labour process before a child is born. Yes it is hard, yes it hurts, but to stop halfway is not an option. Keep going, keep breathing, TRUST that your higher self knows exactly why this is all happening and that it's all happening in divine right timing and order, and Pluto will ensure you safe passage through the birth canal.

Sep 9 – Venus goes direct 16 degrees Leo

Finally Venus finishes her retrograde phase and turns forward again. The last six weeks have triggered all kinds of relationship trials, tests and issues. Relationships that were meant to end ended, and relationships that were challenged in order to get to a stronger place are now safely emerging out the other side of any turbulent seas. If a relationship had some uncertainty around it, you will know where you stand this week. The whole point was to help you get clear with your values: What do you truly need, want, desire and deserve in love and life? What do you need to do, and who do you need to become within yourself, in order to create those things? It’s a good time to take out your journal and answer these questions so that as Venus goes direct and sends you moving forward, you know what it is you want to be moving forward to!

Sep 11 – New Moon/Solar Eclipse 18 degrees Virgo

All the astro activity lately has been building up to this point: the Sep 11 Solar Eclipse. We have had our dark nights and stormy seas, and today we wake up with the dawn of a new day. We look outside our window and we see that we have landed in a very different space or place to where we were even a few short days, weeks or months ago. The transition may have been exciting, traumatic, bittersweet, devastating, joyous or any number of a hundred other emotions. Uranus is opposing the Sun during this Eclipse so any events will likely be unexpected or breaking free from the expected which can be so liberating. Towers may fall in our personal lives, and new towers may emerge. The irony of this happening on Sep 11. Yet from the dust will rise new hope and new energy just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. We have earned the new state we find ourselves in and can proudly embrace all the aspects of ourselves we had to face to get here: wisdom, trust, owning our power and unique gifts, loving ourselves enough to be who we really are, knowing our strength and having the courage to change.

Sep 21 – Peace Day

In 1999 Jeremy Gilley embarked on a journey to get the UN to establish an international day of peace: a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. He documented his efforts and as a result created a spectacularly moving, emotional and inspirational film “Peace One Day” (I highly recommend it) which included the achievement of his goal: In 2001 the UN passed a resolution that established a fixed date in the calendar for Peace Day – September 21.

Last year 27.6 million people from 200 countries did something to celebrate Peace Day. Go to the site to watch a short clip explaining the Peace One Day journey and get ideas about how you can get involved on the day:

Sep 23 – Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere); Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)

An equinox happens only twice a year (the other time being March 21) when the duration of day and night are equal. (The word equinox means ‘equal night’.)

In the Southern Hemisphere today celebrates the Spring Equinox, marking the official end of the old year and the beginning of the new. Now is the time to plant seeds that will pave the way for new directions and bring the fruits of the coming season. The days are now bringing more light, and with more light comes more clarity, wisdom, illumination and forward movement into those areas that have until now had to be in a kind of hibernation period.

In the Northern Hemisphere today marks the Autumn Equinox. It is a sacred time to celebrate the end of summer, to give thanks for all you have received in the days past, and to prepare for a time of retreating inward for rest.

Sep 27 – Full Moon Aries

The emotional moon turns full in the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries. Today will see many in ‘act first think later’ mode for better or worse! At one end of the spectrum be patient on the road today and don’t indulge in any acts of road rage! At the other end your pioneering and passionate spirit might be all ablaze today as something comes to fruition at last!

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