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5th WSF World Spirit Forum 2008

I was honoured to receive an invitation from WSF President Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli and Gabriele Castagnoli asking me to attend the 5th WSF World Spirit Forum in January 2008, in Arosa, Switzerland. I'm not able to make it this time but am equally as honoured to contribute a written piece* to this exciting, inspiring event, and pass on the information below!

Sending many blessings to Arosa for much positive shifting and inspirational ideas!

5th WSF World Spirit Forum 2008

The 5th WSF World Spirit Forum will take place from January 20th to 23rd, 2008 in Arosa, Switzerland under the subject of “(X)change consciousness”.

The WSF is an international Forum, conducted in English, which provides inspiration, great networking possibilities, and revitalizes people of different origins for their private and professional life as well as for their other spheres of influence.The WSF World Spirit Forum 2008 will not be an ordinary congress. There will not be a succession of presentations, but open space for conversations and experiences, enhanced and supported by spiritual rituals. All attendees are contributors.

As the challenge of the Climate Change especially addresses the eternal human theme of Change, the initiators want to collaborate with all contributors on the answers to the following questions:

Does the Global Climate Change demand a Global Spirituality?
How to use Our Knowledge wisely?


Like in the years before a special part of the WSF will be youth leaders and active youth from all over the world coming together at the WSF 2008.

At the WSF World Spirit Forum 2005 a gathering of about 15 youth leaders from around the world (mostly activists in the fields of interfaith, spirituality and ecology), established the WSYC World Spirit Youth Council at the WSF Forum. In 2006 25 of them met in Arosa. Meanwhile the WSYC has gone its own way: to conferences in Nepal, Japan and in February 2008 to Thailand. The goal for the WSF World Spirit Forum 2008 is to have youth from the different fields of politics, science, economics, culture, religion and society again meeting and building a long lasting, evolving group of international youths under the encouragement of the WSF.

For more information both about the WSF Forum 2008 and the “Inspiring and Active Youth” please contact Gabriele Castagnoli under communication@worldspiritforum.org or find detailed information directly on our homepage www.worldspiritforum.org/en .

Link: Dana's Written Contribution

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