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October Monthly Visions - Out with the Old..Thanks for the New

October Monthly Visions
Out with the Old...Thanks for the New

If you have felt like the world is on the brink of major collapse over the last couple of weeks, watching as the economy slides down faster than a building demolition with similar chaotic aftermath, you would be right. The good news is, just like any demolition, it is happening for a good reason, there is a great divine plan guiding the fall, and the construction crew for the new world being built in its place has already been hard at work for years.

Why do we demolish buildings? Safety is often a factor. The structure and foundation of the building can no longer support or sustain itself, putting all those people living or working inside it at risk. Outdated design is another factor. The old has to fall to make way for a more modern version, one that is more eco-friendly, with greater consideration to the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

So too, this is what’s happening to our world and right now we are well and truly living with two worlds overlapping – the old and the new. Some people are still stuck in the Old, scrambling to hold on to what has always been to them solid reality, even while it comes crashing down around them. Others have undergone their share of trials and tribulations and are safely in the New, setting up communities, businesses, schools, relationships, media and other systems that are in alignment with the higher vibration our Earth is rapidly moving into. Many have one foot in one reality, and one foot in the other, and this is the hardest place of all to be. They see the New in front of them, but keep glancing back at the Old, wondering which one is truly the ‘real’ world, wondering which will offer them the shelter and support they need with both worlds making promises of safe harbour. They are drawn to the New but are scared to take the leap into it as it requires letting go of so much that is known and familiar. Others desperately want the New but can’t quite work out the logistics of how to make the leap. Yet the leap will come, it has to. The bridge between worlds is getting shaky and we can all feel that we need to make a choice, fast.

If you need helping taking the leap, here’s mainly what you need: Trust that there are engineers of the highest calibre helping you through this transition. Know you will be okay even with no evidence. Have a vision of what you want your life and world to look like and believe it is there waiting for you, even if you have no idea how it will happen. Sounds too much like living in lala land? Well of course it does. We have been led to believe that reality is reality, and our dreams are just dreams. Guess what. Our reality has been a cloudy, foggy dream, and our dreams are like beacons of light guiding the way to our true reality. The ‘awakening’ that people refer to is the awakening from the foggy dream, awakening to who we really are, awakening to a greater reality than the one we have previously known.

Triggering this awakening is Earth’s shift into a higher vibration, and just like our move from analogue to digital television we can either shift with her or get left behind. Anything built on a non-sustainable foundation, out of harmony with the higher vibrations, will no longer work. The plugs are being pulled out of the walls and there is less and less energy every day available for them on this planet. Oil and water can’t mix, and we are quickly discovering which is which. What does this mean? The economic disaster we are currently seeing is a good example. Greed and corruption have been holding up our global economy, with giant financial institutions growing at the expense of the ordinary person and their family. The collapse of these institutions will increasingly expose all that has been hidden underneath their bulging carpets, and this is ultimately a good thing. Not great is the fact that millions of people are now facing losses of their homes, jobs and often relationships and health as the domino effect spirals into all life areas.

So does this mean the divine plan forgot to account for all the people who’d end up suffering as a result of this demolition process? No. It is simply a time when we all have to re-consider and re-view that which is important to us, and what we were having to do to get what we thought we needed. Is working 16 hours a day just to pay the interest on your mortgage really the best use of your time here on Earth? Is the excessive consumerism we in the Western world are accustomed to really worth the stress it is causing emotionally, socially and environmentally? These are the kinds of questions we are going to have to start asking ourselves.

I am all for abundance, but I don’t agree with some of the ideas being sprouted among some of the supposedly conscious community that suggest we are all meant to be driving Ferrari’s and sleeping on a bed of money. Abundance, as I feel it and live it, is knowing we are always taken care of and provided for. Abundance can come in the form of money, but it also comes in the form of a helping hand when you need it, kind words, a generous gift, a wonderful relationship, great health, living a life that feels good for you.

Appreciation creates Abundance. When you look at the world with new eyes and a new perspective, you automatically shift into the higher vibrations of the new reality, regardless of the figure in your bank account. When you say thank you for whatever you do have, be it a warm bed to sleep in at night, good friends, or a view of the sunshine, you instantly shift your energy into an abundance vibration, and truly everything you need comes to you. Someone recently said to me “You may not get all you want, but you will always get all you need” and it is true.

A couple of weeks ago the indicator lights on our rental car stopped working. It turned out to be this huge electrical problem and so we had to drive the car back from Phoenix to South Dakota, completely re-routing our trip (indicator lights not working, change of direction needed, yes yes I got it). Well, as it turns out my uncle in Phoenix had a car in his garage that he hadn’t driven for a year so he has lent that to us for the rest of our trip. My friend in Canada is flying back to Australia earlier than expected so instead of missing her as we would have, had we stuck to our original route, we are on the way to visit her this coming week. Weather wise we will now be driving down the west coast in November, rather than up, going into warmer weather rather than colder. The ‘problem’ was a huge blessing in disguise. We give thanks nightly for the right guidance and this is one example where our angels stepped in to turn us in a direction more perfect for us. Now is the time when we need to remember to appreciate the little things – which are actually big things. Love. Family. Connection. Helping out your neighbours and friends. Thank you are two of the most powerful words in the universe for helping you through these times, out of the old and into the new.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2008
Visioning the Dream Awake


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