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December 2008 - The Year that Was

December 2008 - The Year that Was

Dana Mrkich Monthly Visions

As 2008 draws to a close many of us will look back on it as the Year that Was. The year that was a turning point from our old reality to the new. The year that we finally let go of so many old beliefs and patterns that we’d been chipping away at for years (or lifetimes). The year that we stepped out from our fears and jumped into the beckoning unknown, because not jumping was becoming more uncomfortable than jumping.

It was the year that many of us finally realised that our higher self was not just a concept, but the higher version of who we really are, already existing right now in the higher dimensions, guiding us in every single moment, calling us constantly ‘this way this way’, holding the vision for us of our best possible selves and lives, and not giving one iota of notice to anything other than that. Our higher self WANTS us to be our best possible self, and live our best possible life, and it was the year to say “Enough! I am going to stop fighting my own best self and go with the flow already!!”

It was the year many of us decided to vote our ‘other self’ off the island, the part of us that voiced constant doubt, fear, ‘but how’, ‘what if’, ‘i can’t’, and other self-sabotaging concepts that will soon sound like the most crazy, foreign concepts ever to indulge in. Why would you indulge in thoughts and feelings that don’t FEEL good? Why did we? It doesn’t matter anymore, those days are falling fast behind us.

For many of us our faith in everything we have believed in was put to the test. So you think you create your own reality? You truly believe in the Law of Attraction? You really believe everything you need will come to you? Okay, then. Do you believe these things only when you have lots of money in the bank, a great job, a wonderful relationship and a beautiful home, or do you start panicking when things start going a little pear-shaped? Do you really believe in these things or do you still have old subconscious fears lurking that ask “What if the money runs out? What if I lose this great job/relationship?” This was the year to clear all the cobwebs to ensure that a) we always have all that we need and b) we know that we will always have everything we need and there is truly no such thing as abundance running out or losing anything you truly need.

A lot of people I know, myself included, have lived with the knowing for many, many years that the universe will always provide for us. We have visions about things we want to manifest and create and for the most part they eventually come to be. We may not always have a large amount of direct income from our work, but we are always financially supported usually in such generous ways, with unexpected sums of money coming to us when we most need it, or other forms of abundance coming in other ways, again when we need it. However, something unusual happened this year to a lot of people I know, myself included. The bank account went down, and it kept going down! Now usually this is no cause for concern because eventually once it hits a certain point something miraculous happens and up it goes again. But this time, it just kept plummeting!

Now, as many of you know, my partner Christian and I have decided to be nomads for a while. Technology has made it possible to live and work unattached to any one geographical location, so we are living the life of our dreams wherever we feel like. We have placed our trust and faith in our higher selves, knowing that they will never guide us astray. Financially we started with a healthy amount, but all of a sudden several things happened at once. The economy buckled, the Australian dollar and stock market crashed, and all of a sudden here we were in the US, with a one way ticket to Chile planning to travel through South America for a while with a bank account going south fast. We had a night of feeling like crap, before we picked ourselves up and made a decision. We either believe in what we believe in, all the way, or we might as well go home and say to everyone well we tried, but hey the law of attraction just didn’t work for us, at some point the luck’s gotta run out! Well there was no way we were going to do that, because we just didn’t believe that it does run out! (Although in our deep subconscious recesses maybe parts of us did fear this, and here was an opportunity to clear that out!!)

Sure, it may seem crazy to some people, to have a few hundred dollars in your account and a one way ticket to Chile, to just keep going, but that’s exactly what we decided to do! How could I ever write about this or speak about it or give sessions to people asking them to take leaps of faith unless I myself lived it and breathed it 100%? I have always lived it and breathed it, and to stop now, just because of a mere financial number in my bank account, just didn’t feel right. What is more real to me, a number in an account, or Spirit and the Universe and my higher self and guides? I had to keep going.

First thing, we had to make a total renewed commitment to high vibrating, postitive thoughts only! No more snippets of fear, doubt, worry or ‘but how, or ‘what if’s’. We had to make a total commitment to our higher selves and did a beautiful exercise on the California Coast, writing a send off to our old selves thanking them for serving us, but it was now time for us to align with our new, higher selves, fully and truly and wholly. We made promises to our higher selves, that we would no longer fight them, and instead surrender to them, allowing them to take us to all that we needed and deserved. It felt liberating!

From that moment there was a very real shift in the air. We just kept holding the picture of what we wanted – specifically to keep travelling, and we didn’t waver from that. Magic and miracles continued to unfold, just as they have been this whole trip, yet in an ever more amazing way. We came across the most luxurious hotel rooms for half the price we would usually pay for a standard one. We were invited to beautiful and inspiring events and places that helped keep our vibration high. Our bank account was still a little what the, but strangely looking at the number $100 felt like looking at $1000 or $100 000, the number was iirelevant, it was this overwhelming feeling of faith in abundance that prevailed. One day we went for a walk and saw the word Believe on someone’s roof, all decked out in Christmas lights. Later that day I opened a card in a gift shop, it lit up with coloured lights inside and said Believe. We walked through the mall a few minutes later and passed a woman with a huge red bag that said Believe. We got the message.

I got further messages during meditation and journalling, about the spiritual bank account that ALL of us have access to. It is limitless and will always provide you with all you need. It is real. I wrote a list of upcoming bills and expenses that would be coming up in the next week, and was very specific with what I needed money for and the amount needed. I didn’t come from a place of lack, I wrote the list as if it was a done deal eg I now withdraw $125 from my account for the internet, thank you Verizon so much for making it possible for us to have access to the world every day. I attached a feeling of deep gratitude and appreciation for everything I would be paying, as that’s how I truly feel about everything I give out money for. Once I’d written my list, it added up to quite a large amount, that we needed within the week. Something inside me just knew it would be okay, I had a sense of complete faith and calm and had done a very clear meditation giving myself to the keys to my spiritual bank. I recommend you do the same.

The day before we needed the money, we just affirmed that the money was coming. To do anything else would be to say ‘we don’t really believe’ and did we need any more signs that believing was the way to go! That evening we got an unexpected gift deposited into our bank account, a very generous ‘early’ Christmas present that was for the exact amount we needed. We hadn’t told anyone that we needed it, so it was truly for us a sign (yes another one) that Ask, Believe, Receive, is true is true is true. We continue to say thank you every morning and night (and countless times during the day) for all we have and all we desire for our future and I can't recommend this enough. We always ask that all things come in a good way, and I suggest you do too. (You have probably heard of stories like the man who asked for money and got a retrenchment pay out or the woman who asked for freedom and her husband left her - SO ask that what you ask for comes in a GOOD way!)

It is easy to believe in abundance when you have it, but it is truly a vibrational challenge to believe in it when physically your bank account is saying other things! I know that many people are in this ‘challenging’ situation this Christmas, but I invite you to take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity. Decide that you believe in Spirit and the Universe and your guides and higher self (and whoever else you believe in) MORE than you believe in numbers in an account. Visualise what you need. See yourself wrapping and giving presents. Feel yourself into joy and happiness, knowing everything will be okay. For the miracle can’t happen from a place of lack and fear, it just can’t. (In fact these kind of 'not feeling good' emotions are a good sign that you are not in that moment connected to what your higher self wants for you). Give yourself the keys to your spiritual bank account and align completely and wholly with your higher self. Say goodbye to your old self and old thoughts and fears, because they can’t work anymore with what you want in your new reality.

Many people have told us that we are lucky to be on this travelling adventure, and we are truly blessed. Yet we are not doing anything that you can’t be doing too. It is not everyone’s dream to live life in this nomadic way, but everyone does have a dream, so your job is to work out what yours is. Because 2009 is truly going to be the year where all our dreams can and will start coming true, and the only thing stopping anyone now will be their own old self. So leave your old self behind in 2008 (farewell them with much love) and give yourself permission to have a great life. To live your dreams, and be happy and prosperous and abundant and anything else you truly want.

Christian and I wish you all a very merry and happy festive season, and spectacular New Year! I am so looking forward to 2009, the freshness of the energy I am already starting to feel is amazing!

Until then,

Many blessings,


(c) 2008 Dana Mrkich
Visioning the Dream Awake

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  1. Thank you Dana,
    for your love and sharing i know what you are saying i have always felt this way and i am trying to relay it to everyone I meet. I am in retail and the company i am working for may close I am looking at it as a new begining My desire is to have my own cafe adjacent to a beautiful garden I am a reader so I invision doing my work to help others and to live out my life in peace and lovingness.
    Miracles do happen my brother who has been battling addiction has been in recovery for years and in and out of jail this is his year that he has been out clean and working and healthy . I believe always and I am glad you are experiencing your dream.
    Many belssings to you and Christain and always love,
    Marie Baran