Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sep 2009 Monthly Visions: Shifting Tides

September 2009 Monthly Visions: Shifting Tides

There is a very distinct energy occurring now. It is as if the tide has gone out, but is yet to come back in. This may be showing up in your life as the disappearance or loss of something that is yet to be replaced; a job, source of income, a relationship, home, geographical location, family, friends, or nearly all of the above. In addition to this, we can include the loss of aspects of our self, parts of our personality that we thought were ‘us’ only to look in the mirror and have no idea all of a sudden who it is we are anymore. Some of you may feel like part of you has ‘left the building’, while others are literally feeling like you have ‘died’ and are floating around in a kind of in limbo state with no real sense of purpose or idea as to what your next move is supposed to be.

These symptoms are ones I have described many times as common occurrences when one is jumping out of the old reality. The strange thing about this particular energy phase is, I am not directing these words to people only just now leaving the old reality. The symptoms I have described above seem to be affecting nearly everyone right now. Whether you have been stuck in a job you hate for 20 years, or unplugged from the matrix years ago to pursue a more creative or spiritual path, it seems that the tide has gone out on us all regardless.

This is causing all kinds of futility, frustration and confusion. Whether you banked on a stock market based on unethical practice or chanted affirmations and opened your heart to allow in continual flows of abundance, the result (on the surface) is seemingly the same. The tide has gone out, finances have dried up, there is no movement at the station, ideas and projects feel to be on hold and the world is collectively holding their breath with a ‘what now?’ question hovering over all of us.

What now indeed. This is the question I posed to my guides today as I went for a walk, wondering what this month’s Monthly Visions would be about. It felt ridiculous to write ‘align with your true self and all you need will come’ because although that has definitely been my experience in months and years past, and it is still true in the ways that matter most, it is not the current whole truth. There is a strange ‘eye in the storm’ energy around now. I am not saying all I need, and all we need, isn’t coming. Truthfully, we are always looked after. Yet, there is definitely a pause in the air. It is like we have inhaled, but can’t exhale. It is like there’s been a hot, humid day, but the rains can’t fall yet and the clouds are heavy. The tides have gone out, and we are standing on the shore asking “Where did the water go?” It is like we have graduated but the expected job hasn’t arrived yet. What on earth do we do now?

So if you have been feeling heavy, emotional, teary, upset, like all you’ve done and worked for has been for no purpose or the purpose is now over and done and complete, if you are feeling lost without an anchor, feeling like your mission is finished and you are waiting in limbo to move on to some new life, there are many others out there in the same boat. You may be finding it hard to establish what is ‘real’, feeling detached from what is going on in the world, as if you are watching a movie screen that is moving farther and farther away. You may be having an identity crisis, having spent years ‘finding yourself’ only to suddenly be discovering a whole other ‘yourself’ that you had no idea existed. You may be feeling yourself wanting to vaguely remember something, but you can’t remember what it is you are supposed to be remembering!!

The world as we know it is absolutely, definitely and totally coming to an end of a cycle. It is like we have been watching, and acting in, a particular play. The play ran for many, many years. It ran for so long that we forgot it was a play. We believed it was our real life and sole reality. We spent so much time on the stage playing our roles that we forgot about our true identity outside the theatre. Now the time has come for the play to end. We are confused as the stagehands come along, pulling down our beloved sets. We feel anxious, scared and a bit nervous as we are pushed out of the familiar theatre into the streets outside, shading our eyes from the intense light beaming down on us. We haven’t seen this light in a long time. We feel naked and vulnerable as we are told: “Your old roles are over. You can go back to being you now.”

“Being me?” you think. “What does that mean? I thought I was being me??” And then you remember. It was a role. A role within a play. The play is over and the need for the role is gone. You are free now. And freedom can be the most disorientating thing in the world for people who have been without it for a long time. This is one of the reasons why about two-thirds of prisoners re-offend within 2 years. What is essentially a blessing and an opportunity, can feel traumatic especially if one isn’t adequately prepared and doesn’t have the required survival tools. Even for those of us who have been prepared, and have an abundance of tools, those of us who knew we were in a play and knew one day the play would be over, this transition, this graduation, is proving to be more intense that many of us anticipated.

We didn’t anticipate that leaving our old roles would feel this hard. We didn’t realise how attached we had become to them. We didn’t anticipate how emotional it would feel to leave the theatre, the familiar space that had been home to us for so long. We especially didn’t anticipate how challenging it would be to re-adjust to our true selves, how much of a stranger our true self will have become to us. It is ironic, it took lifetimes to get used to being here on Earth in these physical bodies, away from what we once knew as home. Now as we return homeward, the journey is raising unexpected emotions as we leave what has become home to go back home. You may even be feeling a sense of sadness and grief, a hurt in the heart, and you haven’t been able to put your finger on why you’re feeling that why. This energy phase is why.

The new reality and new earth is upon us, bringing with it a huge shift in attitude and perception, transforming the world as we know it from one based on a foundation of ‘self-serving’ to one that is more ‘humanity and planet serving’. There are more shifts to come, the waves of energy hurtling toward us are pretty much confirmation of that. People are asking whether we will experience literal earth shifts, and I honestly don’t know. I do know I’ve never felt energy like this before. My hands are instinctively holding on to the sides of my seat as I feel the rollercoaster climbing up to its climactic point, in readiness for the part of the ride that I can only guess will be adrenalin pumping, body-shaking, wildly unpredictable and something we have all journeyed for lifetimes to be a part of. The closer we get to the climactic point, the more I realise I have no idea how this will exactly play out.

Generally I know that we are moving exceedingly fast into a higher vibration of consciousness, and there is no turning back. Energy of any kind, be it within us or within existing systems and structures, not in alignment with the new higher vibration is being purged out, pushed out, released and thrown off the island. It is exactly like the technological shift recently made in the US with the move from analog to digital television. People had months to prepare and switch over, because as of June 12, 2009 anyone who hadn’t switched found themselves looking at a screen with nothing but static. So too, this is our time to switch up into our higher, true selves, because as we move into a more fifth dimensional vibration, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for anything of our old vibration to exist. Eventually there will be zero opportunity, so it’s shift up or shift out.

Every ancient prophecy has given us the same switchover date, end 2012. This is not about predicting doomsday, earth has survived many cycles and she will survive this one. This is about taking that information and using it to help us understand why there is so much change in the air right now, and how to move through that change in as graceful a way as possible. There is something exciting waiting for us on the other side, either that or we are all just nuts for choosing to be here at this time! I also think there is something unknown about that which is waiting for us, otherwise what would be the point of the journey?

So as we stand here during this phase of energy, it’s a good time to take stock of your survival tools because just like the labour preceding childbirth, the waves are going to get more intense as they come and go preceding the birth of our new world. When there is nothing left to hold onto, what will you be holding onto? Love for yourself, your friends and family, trust, faith, living by the truth that is in your heart, appreciation for all you have, gratitude, joy for what is around you, a connection to something higher and greater than you guiding us and looking after us, those are the things that will get us through, and those are the tools I suggest you hold onto when you don’t know what else to hold onto anymore.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2009

Dana Mrkich is a spiritual intuitive, inspirational writer, radio host, author of A New Chapter (Zeus Publications), and creator/teacher of online course Your New Chapter. She offers Soul Sessions via email, phone and Skype to clients all around the world, containing the guidance and healing insights you most need at this time as you step further into your true self and new reality. Subscribe to Dana's Monthly Newsletter Visioning the Dream Awake for Monthly Visions, articles, interviews, courses and more or please visit: www.danamrkich.com


  1. It's the space that we visit in our dreams, the collective consciousness, that we will have access to at all times. That's far more comforting than the human experience of seperatism. The fact is that we can all hear it all the time, it's letting it in and getting past the metaphor to pure understanding that's scary. It's like realising the meaning of a children's story book. But we don't have to close the book, just listen... and breathe.