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July 2010 Monthly Visions: Eclipses, Openings and Letting Go of your “I’m not Ready”

July 2010 Monthly Visions: Eclipses, Openings and Letting Go of your “I’m not Ready”

We are currently sitting in between the Lunar Eclipse of June 26 and the Solar Eclipse of July 11. The period between eclipses is always a strange time where on one hand it can seem like nothing is happening, but emotionally and energetically it feels like everything is happening. It is like the eye of the storm, that quiet time between strong outside events where you are still reeling from what just happened, have a brief window of grace where you can catch your breath and get your bearings, knowing that any moment part two is going to come along and off you’ll go, the winds sweeping you to wherever you are meant to be – usually many miles down the road from where you thought you’d be!

You almost always feel like you are not ready for this unexpected new destination, whether because it is too hard, too amazing, too busy, too soon, too sad, too challenging or too whatever, but ready you are, whether you know it or not.

This window time is a gift – enjoy it and find the beauty within it even if your window experience is more of the bittersweet kind of beauty that comes from having to confront a painful realisation or situation. Don’t worry so much about getting your bearings, the coming winds will almost certainly change those again anyway. More so, use this time to rest, re-charge, re-wire, release and remember. It is the perfect time to journal, meditate and contemplate. Imagine that you are in the middle of packing your bags for a long trip. What do you want to take with you? What do you need to leave behind? What new talents, insights, energies, openings and abilities are you feeling called to connect to?

Now is the time that old habits, beliefs and patterns will be made super clear to you, so that you can let them go and replace them with your new wiring. Now is the time that ancient wisdom, sacred knowledge and innate powers will be made more clear to you so that you can connect to them once again. This is wisdom, knowledge and powers that you have forgotten about or repressed or hidden for some reason. Although many of us have prayed and wished and asked for our magical, intuitive, higher abilities to be opened, most of us are still holding a lot of fear around those openings and have resisted them with as much energy as we are asking for them. We carry memories of the last time we were open, and most of those memories have painful or traumatic associations: being burned at the stake for using our healing abilities, abusing our power in Ancient Egypt or mis-using it intentionally or unintentionally in Atlantis and other civilizations. Power without wisdom is destructive. We have had to evolve our consciousness to the level where we use our power with wisdom, responsibility and integrity before we’ve allowed ourselves to open to that power fully.

Eclipses have always served to accelerate our growth process, yet we are already being accelerated at warp speed daily due to the Earth’s continuing movement forward into the higher energies. So does that mean the eclipses won’t affect us as much? No, quite the opposite. As our vibration increases our energies can use the power of the eclipses to make great jumps forward, experiencing quantum leaps with our understanding of higher knowledge, with our emotional and spiritual evolution, with certain life areas that we are ready to shift into a new story.

This period of time can feel very overwhelming and we can even experience some depression – a common result when you are facing a barrage of emotions and information that you just don’t know what to do with. At the same time, you can also be feeling bursts of bliss, because amidst all the turbulence and uncertainty there is something in between the chaos surrounding us and rising up within us, and that something is clarity and our connection to our higher divine star selves and the Creator/Source Energy. That something is telling us it is all going to be okay, even if our conscious mind can’t work out how.

As we experience this simultaneous purging of the old and influx of the new, more of our ‘not good enough’, ‘not ready’, ‘not qualified’, ‘not supported enough’ stuff is going to come up and out. We are literally being hurled forward into our divine selves and divine purposes, while aspects of our old selves are holding on to the cliff edge kicking and screaming. It is in our human nature to fear the unknown, even while our soul/star self is already in the ‘unknown’ and so to that part of us there is no unknown, only known. That is the clarity within the chaos. That is the part within that is calm and clear and saying it is all going to be okay, even while our mind and ego and old self is freaking out and fighting this knowing with its logic and analytical reasoning of the situation.

I’m going to attend, and speak at, the upcoming Star Knowledge Conference this weekend. My entire body and soul has been pushing me toward this for most of my life, and I can feel my cells jumping and down with excitement saying yes yes yes, we are so happy you said yes to this. Meanwhile my mind and subconscious is having moments of ‘What are you doing there? Nearly everyone presenting is a native elder. Why don’t you just go and listen. What are you going to talk about?” A powerful energy within me however almost instantly overrides this negative perspective. Something more powerful than my mind and subconscious is with me, and has been getting stronger as the past weeks have gone by. It feels like a strong hand on my shoulder and it feels like a strong energy in my heart and at the core of my being. It is giving me the energy of assurance and feels like a wise grandfather energy. I am feeling many strong energies around me; the grandmothers and my star elders in particular. These energies are conveying certain messages, not with words, but with feelings, and are giving me the confidence to go forward and do this. I still don’t know the entirety of what I’m going to say, but I do know that my soul knows, this higher divine star self aspect of me knows. The grandfathers, grandmothers and star elders around me know. When I say “I’m not ready!”, they reply with their energy “You are.” More importantly, this is not about me. This is about humanity. It is about humanity once again having access to the knowledge, wisdom and powers that they have a divine right to. When we open up to that, we help to create openings for our brothers and sisters. When we open up to knowledge, and share it, others can be empowered and inspired by that. When we open up to our abilities, and share it, others can be healed and supported by that.

The period of time that we are entering is not about personal awakening for the sake of personal awakening. Our personal awakening has a much greater purpose. We are in the midst of a grand collective humanity awakening. Your personal awakening is part of a much bigger picture and a much bigger story. When you open to all that your soul is calling you to open to, you activate your piece of the jigsaw puzzle. We do not have the time for you to say “I’m not ready.” Humanity is ready, and so now is the time for you to open, whether you feel ready or not. Earth is moving into the higher energies, with or without us. I’d really prefer the ‘with us’ option, and so if you too share that preference then let go of your ‘I’m not ready’ and say yes to that which your soul is asking you to open to. How do you know what that is? It is usually the thing that you most want to do, and are most scared to do at the same time.

Follow the inner nudges. Follow the inner urges. Follow your heart and your feelings. When your mind and fear tries to convince you that you can’t do that because you don’t have enough talent/money/support/ability/qualifications or whatever, listen to what your heart and soul is saying. The voices of your heart and soul are much quieter than the voices of your mind and ego, but you can hear them if you listen, and they usually speak in feelings not words, a kind of telepathy. Listen and you will hear, and what you will most likely hear is something like this: You are ready. You have all you need inside you. You will be looked after and taken care of. You will receive all you need. Follow your heart. We are always with you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

Energy Intuitive and Author of A New Chapter Dana Mrkich is an inspirational writer, speaker and teacher. Carrying the vision of a new reality ever since she can remember, guided by her star elders, Dana’s life focus has been to help people remember who they really are so that together we can create the best possible reality for ourselves and the planet. A passionate advocate for truth-based, empowering media, Dana is the former host of radio shows TruthSeeker and Visioning the Dream Awake. Dana is committed to humanity’s conscious evolution, and the merging of consciousness with action, in all aspects of social and global life. For info about Soul Sessions, to enrol in Dana’s e-course Create a Life you Love or surf the free Message Boards, please visit: http://www.danamrkich.com/

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