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August 2010 Monthly Visions: All Aboard the Gravy Train - unless you really like Gravel?

I had a client last week who described her recent choice to leave a study course with these brilliant, poetic words: “It felt like I was dragging my soul across gravel.” I thought Wow! That perfectly paints a picture of what it feels like these days to go against the grain of your true self.

One would think that this ‘gravel-dragging’ experience would be enough to snap us out of any against the grain tendencies quick smart. This is one of the benefits (among many) of being blasted by high frequency energies. Anything that is definitely not a match for your soul feels so ouchy and painful that it is impossible to ignore. Sure enough, everywhere I look there are people like this client leaving courses, jobs, relationships, habits, behaviours and geographical locations because they are just not into living with painful gravel rash anymore!

Yet still I see people dragging their souls along the gravel, bleeding and bruised, crying that the gravel is hurting them but objecting to anyone who suggests they may want to untangle themselves from the dysfunctional rope they are holding onto! Others are oblivious to the connection between the rope, the gravel and the subsequent chaos in their lives. Partly this is because of our old human programming, when given the choice between fear and freedom, to choose fear. Partly it is a result of our old reality wiring, where the veil between our greater reality and limited reality stopped us from remembering who we really are, and thus disconnected us from our realisation that we really can create a life of our choosing, and it’s meant to feel good!! We are remembering when given a choice between fear and freedom, to choose freedom and his merry friends love and trust!

I have always believed that our soul’s natural tendency is to grow and evolve towards the light, towards our highest potential. Far from disputing this theory, this gravel-dragging behaviour is helping to confirm it – in that, the consequences of not evolving, not moving toward the light, not moving towards our highest potential, are becoming so much more immediate, intense and draining on every level. It’s almost becoming impossible to go against the grain of our soul’s true nature because the ‘ouch’ factor is instantly apparent. We are being shown loud and clear that ‘gravel-dragging’ is not our natural way!!

If our soul’s natural tendency was to be miserable or in pain, then we could drag ourselves across gravel to our heart’s content and ironically it would feel fabulous! “Oooh the roughness”, we’d say, “don’t you love how much that hurts!” However, we don’t say this (well, excluding a certain sub-culture, but that’s a whole other topic...) because it doesn’t feel fabulous. It feels horrible. No-one wants to be stuck in an unhealthy relationship or go to work everyday at a job that’s sucking the lifeforce out of them. Yet many still are – believing they have no choice.

On a higher level, the choice has already been made. On a collective level, we are all heading to the new reality. On a higher level your soul has already left that relationship, quit that job, changed your eating habits and left stress, fear, doubt and worry in the dust without so much as a backward glance. Your soul made a choice a very long time ago that it came here this lifetime to shift out of gravel-dragging behaviour and shift into life on the gravy train! Your human choice is now: do I want to catch up with my soul and flow with ease into my new reality, or do I want to resist my soul, and go this other way that feels like crap, and drag my soul across the gravel – and experience the subsequent poor health, lack of energy and general unhappiness that goes along with that choice.

When I say gravy train, I’m not talking about anything materialistic. I’m talking about the choice to be plugged into Source Energy, plugged into who you really are. I’m talking about the choice to be connected to your divine, authentic self and flow, from where you receive everything you need in a good way. I’m talking about allowing yourself to be happy, do what you love and know that just by you being who you really are, that is the best thing that you can possibly do to make your contribution to the new reality of Earth and humanity.

Fifty or even five years ago, our bodies and the Earth’s body more easily tolerated our against the grain tendencies because after all, this is the planet of free will, and if we chose to learn via suffering, or collectively accepted the suffering of others, then we had the free rein to do that. However, we are entering a new paradigm, a new chapter, a whole new ballgame where new ‘rules’ apply – or rather the true Spiritual and Universal and Mother Earth laws are making themselves known. We are receiving a massive influx of higher energies and thus embodying more and more of our higher selves every day. We are remembering who we are. We are remembering our abilities as co-creators. Our soul is heading towards the light practically at the speed of light. For those still holding on to old dysfunctional ropes, be it an individual person, economic system, business mentality or political party, the ride is going to get beyond bumpy.

If you are thrown off the gravel path (retrenched, your spouse finally does what you both should have done years ago and declares the marriage over), consider yourself lucky. The Universe is doing you a favour. The alternative seems to be a barrage of physical health symptoms or other challenges that are detrimental to a long, happy and vibrant life. In many cases, this is the Universe’s way of saying ‘let go of the rope already!!!’

I want to acknowledge that we have for thousands of years chosen difficult experiences as a way of learning. It can be confusing to discover that ‘it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s all good’ kind of no longer applies, although of course on the highest of high levels of course it applies. Sure, everything is learning. Sure even the most painful of experiences is something you can find a silver lining in. The turning point we are in however is about giving us a new choice, a new way of learning, a new selection of ways in which we can experience silver linings.

You no longer have to attract something crappy to propel you into wanting something great. We’ve all had the crappy. We have masters degrees in crappy. Enough of the crappy!! The Universe is trying to tell us that we have graduated and now get to experience joyful, abundant, healthy lives, meanwhile the majority of humans are not wanting to leave their classrooms. We’ve been in class for so long, some are mistaking it for real life, when ‘real life’ – the greater, new reality – is waiting for us outside the walls. For thousands of years, we’ve become used to just accepting what life throws at us, meanwhile it’s time to get off our butts and get out there and create life the way we always meant to create it.

It is tough love time. Your body, heart and soul is in this together with the full support of the Universe. They do not want you to get left behind in the old classroom. You are moving forward into a New Earth and your future self is waiting for you. Are you 100% committed to riding on the gravy train or are you still dragging your soul through gravel in some aspects of your life, or via some aspects of your thinking or behaviour?

Where are you still hurting yourself? Ask yourself why. If it’s a way of thinking or behaviour, imagine turning it into a ball and throwing it away far far into the Universal recycling bin. If it’s a situation, write down all the reasons you choose to hold on, and address them. If you fear leaving your job and having no money, have you started looking for a better job, or even started declaring “I have a wonderful new job that I love with great pay!” If you fear leaving a relationship and being alone picture yourself happy and loving life knowing you can then open to meeting a partner that is right and good for your soul. If you cry at night about humanitarian injustices picture those you cry for as being happy, healthy, abundant and free, and ask to be guided to action where you can do the most good for those people. If you are anxious about environmental crises, picture those areas as thriving, and ask to be shown what you can do to contribute to the new blueprint of our new healthy Earth.

We didn’t come here to suffer through yet another cycle. We came here this time to embody our true natures physically on a planet that is Paradise. Have you looked around and noticed that? We are living on a Paradise, and are here to create a Heaven on Earth. It starts with every one of us individually, and then together we all play a part in creating it.

On August 6-7 we are facing quite the wammy of astrological squares and oppositions with a grand cardinal cross featuring all the major planets. The astrologer Susan Miller wrote that she can’t find anything like it within 500 years either side of us. Interestingly enough, on August 1 a few days ago the Sun had a massive Solar Flare (like an eruption) triggering a huge Solar Tsunami hurling itself toward Earth. Essentially this affects our weather and electro-magnetic energy so things like communication devices and navigational equipment go a bit haywire but we are also made up of electro-magnetic energy so we may be feeling like we are going a little haywire this week too!! Either one of these events are HUGE, so for them to happen as if by synchronicity offers a big opportunity for major shifting. This is a week when anything that has been stuck is going to explode with unstuckness in a big way. Pay attention to anything that bursts forth this week, whether it’s creativity, anger, an old emotional pattern, frustration or dormant dreams, because it is a sign that something is wanting to birth, something that was stuck doesn’t want to be stuck anymore. Anything that has felt imprisoned, passive or repressed will want freedom and expression. It’s the week your soul might instigate a mighty rebellion and say enough is enough, take the needle of this record, get out of this particular classroom, and stop dragging me across gravel!!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2010

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