Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Thank you from Sherwyn

Thank you to all who helped over the last few weeks with prayers and donations for They Came and Blessed his Pipe Man, Sherwyn. Here is a letter of thanks from Sherwyn, detailing his recovery and the shift this triggered with the IHS (Indian Health Services)


First, I want to say Pidamayedo, Nina Wopida Tanka (Thank you, I have great appreciation) to all of you who made prayers and offerings for my recovery. Your prayers have been accepted and they have been felt by me in all the aspects of my nature.

If I were to use percentages to describe my health right now, I'd say that I'm about 98% recovered. I have returned from the hospital in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday night from the ERCP procedure that went really well. Considering that the doctors couldn't find one of the stents. The one that they did find was removed without any problem and there were no leaks in my bile duct walls or intestine. I know that the one stent that wasn't found was removed by the Spirit through Prayer. This I felt inside of my body as they came and did their healing work on me. When I would feel this, I would lay back, pray and say, "I accept the Prayer and Healing Love & Light. Your Prayers are powerful. I am now well and whole again, ready & able to return to the Sun Dance Altar.

I did feel like someone beat the crap out of me on Saturday though. My body was so achy that I couldn't laugh, sneeze, cough, swallow or eat very well. Sunday was better. I just kept moving around the yard, working to prepare for my special day on October 10th. My body totally enjoyed the freedom to be well and able to move without restrictions. So, I built a willow shelter in my yard 48 feet long by 15 feet wide. My Wakankiciyuzapi Oicie will be beautiful.

I'm honored to be part of a Spiritual Unfoldment for so many in the world. This whole experience wasn't just about me and my health. It was about all of you and how you came together in a single focus to make a beautiful thing happen for yourselves, one another, Mother Earth, Grandmother Universe and Creator by utilizing the Power of Love. That was the lesson.

The IHS on the other hand is now undergoing an investigation. That too was part of the lesson. We shed so much light on a problem that affected so many other people across Indian Country. The negligence and mistreatment and bad patient care is rampant in most Indian Health Services hospitals and clinics. Due to the IHS decision to not fund my surgical procedure, I was forced to look for alternative ways to complete my healing process. This created a focus on the IHS that was ignored and by-passed for too long. I had to contact my State Senators and Representatives to put pressure on the IHS, which in turn created an official investigation of the IHS. We pray that this will make a significant improvement to Indian Country in the United States.

Just this morning, on the local news one of the Top Stories is a meeting taking place in Sioux Falls,SD regarding the official investigation of the IHS. The newspapers all have stories about incidents occurring in the IHS clinics and hospitals. So, things are moving and things will get better. There is a national focus on the IHS to make changes to improve patient care. Thank you all for your help in that area. It is greatly appreciated.

They Came And Blessed His Pipe Man, Sherwyn

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