Monday, August 19, 2013

Solar Flare Peace Flare

We had an M-class Solar Flare on Saturday. For me and many around me the entire weekend had a very gentle, healing, soothing, flowing vibe. 

There was a feeling of gratitude for what is, even if there is much to still be frustrated about. There was a sense of feeling joyful for the simple things that are going well in your life, even if there are issues in one or more life areas. There was a feeling of trust and surrender for that in your life that you are unsure about or worried about, letting it go to some higher part of you that is sure, and does know what to do. 

There was a feeling of quite extraordinary peace, and while we can look around the world and see much that isn't peaceful we can be inspired by the very vocal protests happening all around the world that tell us people want peace, change and freedom. 

So when a huge 'Peace filled' wave washes over the planet it manifests in many ways. We can be soothed by it. We can be irritated by it if there are many aspects within ourselves not at peace. We can be rocked and motivated by it where we are ready to shift and transform both inner and outer aspects that no longer fit with our desired reality. 

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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