Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This New Awareness can feel Depressing

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I can't remember the last time the collective energy felt so heavy. An analogy came through a week or so ago that we were being 'squeezified' in order to become 'juicified', and the suggestion was to focus on the juice when you're feeling emotionally and energetically squeezed. (that post is on my blog here) Well that suggestion applies a hundred fold today!! 

You may feel like the walls are closing in on you - and on the world. Some may even feel like the 'darkness' is winning or that all your healing work has been for nothing. Yet really it is just that the 'darkness' is becoming more obvious, both within us and outside us - 'darkness' in this context is that which we have been unaware of. 

More of us are becoming aware of the multiple ways in which we have been restricted as a humanity, and the ways in which we have been restricting ourselves personally. It feels like *@!# because life is not supposed to be restrictive. We are here to remember our truth, our power and what we are capable of creating. We are here to embody who we really are so that we can live free of beliefs, influences and systems that have kept us disempowered. 

 Today is a good day to remind yourself of how far you have come, of who you have become compared to years ago. It is a good day to remind yourself of how far the world has come, and how many people are truly awakening. It is easy to throw our hands up and say I give up, what's the point? But then where will we be? 

All this new awareness can ironically trigger a lot of depression, because we feel at a loss as to what we can do to truly help so many situations. So when you do become aware of something, ask to be put on the 'solution' train track. Later that day you may find yourself doing something as simple and unrelated as watching a hilarious video clip - but that is enough to get you out of your slump and re-connect you to your flow, and suddenly you feel better about the problem you had that morning, or you feel more motivated or clear about how to tackle a greater, even global, issue. It is a good day to watch, read or do something fun, positive, empowering or invigorating that connects you with the 'juice'. 

How are you all feeling?

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