Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What does your 'Shop' look like?

Here is a fun and powerful exercise you can do if you want to change what you attract in either the love or money area. Choose one area to focus on at a time. (You can do the exercise twice if you want to work on both). 

Next imagine that your love life or financial flow is represented by a shop. Close your eyes and ask to see that shop. What does it look like? What kind of message is it sending out to the world? What kind of energy is it attracting toward you? Are you happy or shocked by what you see? 

Is it time to say bye to that shop and open up another one that is a better match to the kind of message you want to be sending out? If so, create a new shop in your mind's eye. How is it decorated? What kind of energy does it attract? How do you feel in this new shop? 

If anyone is brave enough to share their old shop/new shop visions please do!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013


1 comment:

  1. My shop looks like an abandoned shack with a cast iron corrugated roof. Burnt orange/red with peeling paint (Guess I've given up on attracting money-ha ha).
    I'm not sure if it's even open for business-so wow. Gotta change this!

    My new shop is made of strong, geometric and made of tall glass, including the walls as well so it lets in lots of light. White / neutral. The new shop is empty...nothing in it but nice clean structured floors and very simple. What to put in it, no idea but some gourmet stuffed olives (that I miss from Melbourne) come to mind!

    Thanks Dana-cool exercise. ;)