Thursday, September 10, 2015

Humanity to Win

This morning I'm feeling to talk about the desire so many people have (or used to have), to go 'home', to leave this 'restrictive' physical body, to be done with life on this planet Earth where so much is hidden from us, and where humanity is repressed on purpose.

Your body is not restrictive. It is not holding you back from flying forward into the full potential of who you are. You have been made to believe it is. It is a gift. You can take your body with you into this New Earth we are all creating.

The New Earth is not a new place. It is right here. It is a new consciousness, a new awareness, a new realisation, and a new collective EMBODIMENT of who we really are. Embodiment as in, living this new reality and new consciousness IN our bodies.

Our Earth is not restrictive. She is not holding us back. We have been made to believe she is. She has all we need and nothing would make her happier than for us to use what she has to offer in a GOOD way, to acknowledge her, value her and honour her in respectful ways. If we don't, well we can't blame her for wanting to shake us off. But really it is like the relationship between Mother and Child. She doesn't really want to shake us off, she wants us to thrive and be happy and healthy. As she grows and evolves, she wants us to grow and evolve with her.

We have wanted out of this body and this Earth, meanwhile beings all over the galaxy are watching The Earth Reality show on their tv screens with wide-eyed amazement! Some of them are saying "I wish I was there! Why can't I have a body!!!" They laugh at us and with us, they shake their heads and wonder "How can they not remember? What the heck is that Veil made of?"

Others are watching us with sheer curiosity, most are cheering us on, on the edge of their seats munching on cosmic popcorn "Will they make it? Do you think they'll make it?" The Galactic bookies have been busy taking bets, and have seen a change in the tide....suddenly everyone is putting their chips on Humanity, Humanity to Win."

Some are grunting 'hmpf whatever' while others are freaking out because their influence over us is ending rapidly. Many of them are asking the question: "How is it that in their state of non-remembering, so many are striving to remember, pushing forward toward something they know deep down exists?" The Wise Ones just raise their eyebrows and nod in their wise way. They know how.

We have a light within us, and that life cannot be extinguished. No way, no how. It can be dimmed. It can be consciously forgotten and repressed. But it is still there. And the waves of energy above us and around us are calling that light to emerge. The dimmer is being increased to high. We are being lit awake from the inside and the outside. We are like the flowers busting out of the ground, and realising 'OOoooh so this is the greater reality!!"

We are remembering who we are, and with that we are remembering our power and divinity. Every one of us is an equal divine spark. We all came from the same Source. For that matter, every being in all the galaxies ultimately came from the same Source. We are all related. Think about that for a moment. We are all related. We are all connected. And we are ALL as powerful as each other.

Now is the time to use that power in a good way. In your body. Here on Earth.

How are you feeling about this all? x

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. I totally believe all of the above. I am facing knee surgery on wednesday and have always been a great manifestor but somehow cannot manifest a good knee!! Such a I powerful enough or what?!? I read stories of miracles all the time although have noticed that John of God actually operates on perhaps a knee prosthetic is not irreplaceable. All I want is good knees that enable me to do all that I want to do... not a lot to ask. And I believe that it is possible that my legs will be straight, strong and fully functional again. What are your thoughts on this Dana?

  2. Hi Noeline,

    I definitely feel anything is possible. A friend of ours fell of a building and was told he would never walk again. He was determined, and to look at him now you wouldn't ever know anything ever happened to him. Countless similar stories are out there.

    I do believe that there are lots of different reasons we experience physical health issues and body challenges. Sometimes it is a matter of 'mind over body' as demonstrated by all the people who end up with miraculous outcomes. Other times it is a Soul choice to experience some physical issue for some reason, and it is the experience of it (or what we end up doing as a result of the experience) that our Soul priorities more than the healing of it. So having a physical issue isn't always a case of 'what am I doing wrong that this isn't healing'.

    What I would suggest if you haven't already is get out your journal (or meditate if that works better for you), and have a conversation with your knee. Give it a name eg Nelly Knee, and ask Nelly some questions: What are you wanting me to experience? What do you want me to know? What is this trying to tell me or teach me?

    Left knee is connected to the feminine aspects of ourselves, and females in our life (eg mother/wife).

    Right knee is connected to the masculine aspects of ourselves, and men in our lives (eg father/husband).

    Knees are often related to our sense of power (clues are found in common sayings, that is "I'd rather die on my feet, than live on my knees").

    So....sense of inner power.....related to your masculine or feminine, and men or women......those are some clues to get you thinking about what this could all be related to on a higher level.

    Wishing you the best healing outcome possible with your surgery and that you emerge from surgery healed on all levels in alignment with the best possible reality for you.

    Love Dana x