Friday, December 18, 2015

Sliding Doors Moments

Uranus and Mars have been in opposition all week, and this time around there has been a really interesting 'sliding doors' theme surrounding it. I've heard so many stories where people have experienced a massive 'shock', that jolted them from one mental/emotional/physical state to another in a matter of seconds. Yet in a lot of these cases, the person experienced "the best possible outcome in the worst possible situation" as Jelena Mrkich put it when we were talking about it this afternoon.

Our sliding doors moment happened early on Monday morning. Christian left for work around 6, and called me not even 5 minutes later. I guessed his bike must have broken down, but from the sound of his voice I quickly realised it was much more than that. Bundling Jax up into the car, we went to pick Christian up. He was the most shaken up emotionally I've ever seen him and said: "I just almost died."

Something had snapped on his bike, so he was doing a u-turn to head back home and swap bikes. In the middle of two lanes, just in front of a blind spot where the road goes up into a small hill crest, his bike stalled in the middle of two lanes. Desperately trying to get it going again, not able to move it at all even manually, he looked up to see a semi-trailer heading over that crest right toward him at 90km/h (55 miles/h), only metres away. He started waving frantically and shouting 'stop, stop' even though of course the truck driver wouldn't have been able to hear him. Christian said he could see the metal grill in front of him and thought that's it, I'm gone.

By some miracle, the truck driver swerved to the left missing him by centimetres, and I am sure had his own hell of a shock that morning. I am SO grateful to that truck driver, for being on the ball, for not being on the phone or otherwise occupied. I am so grateful to whoever was looking after Christian that day, and ultimately I am very grateful that it wasn't his time. When things like this happen we all tend to say 'someone was looking after you!' but really we are all looked after. We are looked after and protected until it's our time, and then we are looked after and ushered to the other side when it is our time.

At home he was cuddling Jax and I, and I felt how close this was to being a sliding doors moment. I was keenly aware of the other kind of morning we may otherwise have had, were it not for those few centimetres, for that truck driver's quick moves, for whatever it is you want to call fate or destiny.

And so, even though it was a jarring experience, it was also one of the best days ever because I know what it is like to think "If only we could turn back time and have a miracle happen and have a different ending." And I could strongly feel that a miracle did happen, and here we were with our different ending to what could have happened.

There is fate and destiny that will be what they will be no matter what, and then there are choice points and exit points, where our soul has an 'option' on one or more potential timelines.

This week I have heard a few similar stories, where something shocking happened, but the alternative outcome would have been tragic. This week there has been a theme of getting a 'jolt', physically, mentally or emotionally for one reason or another - whether to appreciate what is even more, to gain a new perspective on things that matter, to move us more into our heart or true path, everyone will have their own different realisations.

We've had a strange week here in Sydney. Strange accidents with trucks and buses, strange storms and the highly unusual event of a tornado sweeping through a suburb. It is like someone shifted the carpet a bit to the left and everyone felt it in some way. Yet what would ordinarily be described as a 'bad' week because of everything that has happened, it has actually been a miracle week as we've seen so many "best possible outcomes in the worst possible situations."

How has your week been?

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