Thursday, April 07, 2016

It's all going pear-shaped - right on schedule

Right now there feels to be a major heightening of anything within people, particularly those in the mainstream, that has not been owned, that has been suppressed or not dealt with in a healthy way. For those of you reading this, you have likely been working on your ‘stuff’ for years, decades even. You’ve cleansed, cleared, shifted, healed and released till the cows come home. You may even be at the stage now where you are realising you want to focus less on constantly having to ‘shift’ and more on just getting on with living as a conscious, awake human soul.

So here we are, in that state after years of inner work, looking around and thinking cool, let’s get this new reality happening! And in your personal world, you may well already be living in a ‘new reality’ way.  As we turn around to look at the world around us, on some level we half expect to see that everyone is shifting right along with us. Only what are we seeing instead?? A lot of cray cray.

People having meltdowns and feeling lost without knowing why. Politics looking like a reality show comedic circus. Terrorist attacks and false flag operations being rolled out on a non-stop conveyor belt. Hypnotic obsessions with reality stars, distracting everyone from realising we are all stars. Not the Hollywood type.

You might look around and think wow, we are in a great big mess, this is all going really pear-shaped! And yes it is a great big mess, and it is really pear-shaped – and it is right on schedule.

We knew these times were coming where everything not in alignment with our higher consciousness would come up for transformation or release. Some people had an idea that collectively shifting vibration would result in a bliss-filled world changed with a flash of light, but the reality is that any process of transformation includes a skin-shedding phase, a demolition phase. Change is messy. Change is challenging.

Before any process of transformation, be it personal, or a building, or a society or a world, we have crisis points and usually some chaos. You can’t take out your old carpet, and put in your new carpet, without sweeping out all the crap that you find underneath. The renovation crew have come in and stripped all of us of our old carpets. So the crap, on a personal and collective level, is highly visible right now.

For some of us this happened a while ago, and so we’ve been through the sweeping and cleaning stage. We’ve installed our fluffy new rugs, or maybe we prefer shiny wooden floorboards. But for other people it is a really new process. They feel emotionally vulnerable, naked, raw, exposed. They feel fear and uncertainty.  For born truth-seekers, we love shedding the old and moving into the new. And even then it can be an overwhelming process! For lots of other people though, truth and authenticity are scary things.

When you have spent a lifetime conforming, believing in external sources of authority and relying on them to tell you what to do and how to be, it can be very overwhelming for your Soul to suddenly want to start having a say. When you have spent a lifetime repressing your Soul, your true feelings, needs, memories and instincts, it can feel very disconcerting to be feeling desperately unhappy, angry or confused without knowing why. When you have spent a lifetime controlling others, it can bring up a lot of rage or desperation when others no longer allow you to do that.

For all of us, we are being called to loosen our grip on false beliefs and old stories that are not true, to let go wherever we have been too rigid or judgemental, resulting in what feels like constant identity metamorphoses.

This process, this next step of our collective evolutionary growth, is happening to everyone, regardless of their level of awakening or consciousness. Everyone is at a different stage, and everyone responds to it in their own way. Regardless, it is happening.

It is really important right now to live from your own core and centre every day, and to consciously take a moment to feel yourself getting back to centre any time you feel out of it. For anyone energetically and emotionally sensitive, it is easy to feel other people’s stuff, to absorb it and take it on board, and think it is your own. You have a shower every day for your body. Make sure you do the same for your energy, as a way of staying in alignment with your centre. Do what works for you.

One of the simplest things is to close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out, even just a few times. Feel yourself breathing out all that is not yours, and breathing in your own self, connected to your own highest Source of truth, connected to your own Soul. Do this anytime you feel to. You might like to start and end each day doing something like this. Do it before having important conversations. Do it before and after social outings or events if they make you feel anxious or you know you have a tendency to pick up on other people’s energies.

Hang in there. As the saying goes, it’s all okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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