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Free Excerpt from A New Chapter

A New Chapter by Dana Mrkich 
DonStar Publishing
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Excerpt from Chapter 2: A World in Transition

‘So long, and thanks for all the fish.’ – Message from the Dolphins,
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Do you feel like time is flying faster than usual? Do you feel as if
your entire life is being shaken upside down, or that many people
around you are going through unexpected or dramatic life
changes? We can all feel that something is happening on our
planet. Chaotic weather, natural disasters, global unrest and shifts
within our own personal lives are happening more often and more

Prophecies from the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus and the
Bible indicate that we are now living in ‘the end times’. Not
necessarily the end of time, but certainly the end of time as we
know it, the end of a cycle. Many of the ancient seers were able to
see so far into the future and then no more. We are coming to a
blank page, the beginning of a new chapter which we are yet to
write. What this new chapter looks like is up to us.

Gregg Braden, a pioneer in bridging the gap between science
and spirituality, offers the theory that our planet has now entered a
geophysical phase predicted millennia ago, a ‘Shift of the Ages.’ (Braden, Gregg , (1997), Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation,Radio Bookstore Press)
According to this theory, Earth is literally moving toward ‘zero
point magnetic field’, which it’s expected to reach in 2012, the
same time given by the Mayan Calendar. As we move toward zero
point we are experiencing the literal speeding up of time, havoc
with our weather patterns and a transformation of consciousness.
Reaching zero point is a cyclic event, and ancient cultures viewed
them as initiations, a period of great challenge culminating in
profound change. The late visionary Edgar Cayce prophesied that
these times of great global transformation would come. He
foresaw that ‘these changes would not lead to the end of the world,
but, in time, to the dawning of a New Age of hope and community
for all mankind.’ (Edgar Cayce.Org)

Authors David Rippe and Jared Rosen write about this change
in their revolutionary book The Flip-Turn Your World Around (Rippe, David and Rosen, Jared (2006), The Flip-Turn Your World Around,Hampton Roads Publishing, Virginia),
which describes two worlds existing on Earth today. ‘One is an
upside-down world where people feel stressed out, fearful and
powerless … they feel headed towards a hopelessly polluted world
where things like unaffordable healthcare, unethical corporations,
meaningless work, scarcity of resources, and endless war seem
unavoidable. The other is a world that is Right-Side Up. People in
this world know that emotional and spiritual well-being,
meaningful work, natural health, global prosperity, renewable
natural resources, and feeling connected to others is possible.
These people know that their individual choices affect the lives of
everyone else … Humanity stands on a bridge between these
worlds and must make a choice to go in one direction or the other
… Which side do you choose?’

Taking a spiritual or energetic angle, in the years leading up to
2012 Earth and all beings on it are moving into a higher state of
consciousness. That is, where before we were all tuned in to 3D
reality, we’re all now being prepared to be amped up for the 5D
experience, which includes among other things a more balanced
state of being for ourselves and the world, an increase in multisensory
perception, and a greater awareness of that great mystery:
who we really are and why we are here.

Moving into a higher dimension is like switching from standard
free-to-air television to satellite. There are more choices, more
options, more freedom, and our viewing range increases substantially.
Some spiritual seekers are calling this process the Ascension.
Others say we’re moving into the Golden Age. Religious followers
are anticipating the Second Coming while ticking off current
events in the Book of Revelations. Cosmic-minded folk live in
hope that starships from planets more evolved than us will come
and help save us from ourselves. I think they might actually be
considering it – but only once they’re sure we won’t launch a fullscale
missile attack on them! So, for now, it’s up to us.

‘We are the ones we have been waiting for.’ – Hopi Prophecy

By whatever name we want to call these times, humanity is united
in the belief that we are coming to the end of something, and noone
is quite sure how things are going to turn out. Some people
believe our new chapter is called ‘the transformation of humanity’,
while others think it’s going to be ‘the destruction of humanity’.
My vote is on the former. The Mayan Calendar prophecies say we
are in the transition period right now moving from one way of
being to the next, with the official cross-over date happening at the
end of 2012. That is, we have until then to get as many of us as
possible aligned with our preferred new reality, and actively
participating in its creation. We do this simply by being our true
selves. We express our true selves whenever we listen to and
follow our instincts, feel our feelings, speak our truth and
acknowledge all of who we are.

Our true selves are encoded with the exact, right, most perfect
skills and talents, required to create our new chapter. Together we
are the builders, architects, painters, plumbers, electricians,
carpenters, interior designers, decorators and gardeners of our new
world. We are the chefs, entertainers, artists, musicians, writers,
parents, teachers and healers. We have truck drivers dropping off
equipment and people moving the furniture in. Everyone has a role
for the biggest show on Earth. It is a highly organised,
synchronised production. We are the leaders and members of new,
more enlightened forms of government. We are the caretakers of a
highly valued environment. We are the producers and viewers of
empowering, truthful media. We are the guardians who ensure fair
distribution of planetary and financial resources. We are the
developers of creative education, accessible natural healthcare,
natural nutritious foods, sustainable development, and housing that
uses renewable natural resources. We are one humanity, and we
make sure all members of our global family are taken care of.

‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly know how far they
can really go.’ − T.S. Eliot

Excerpt taken from A New Chapter (2010) Dana Mrkich, DonStar Publishing
First Edition (2008) Zeus Publications

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