Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A New Chapter Endorsements

Endorsements for A New Chapter by Dana Mrkich http://www.danamrkich.com/
Release Date: 2008
Zeus Publications

“A New Chapter is a vision of hope in a world ‘seemingly’ gone mad. Dana Mrkich makes sense of it all with powerful insights, bright spirit and practical advice you can use to herald the consciousness shift taking place within us all. We live in exciting times. A New Chapter can help you make the most of it. If you want a life of joy and fulfillment this book is for you.” – David Rippe, Author of The Flip-Turn Your World Around, Founder and President Celestia International.

“It is a rare and thus remarkable achievement to have one’s head in the heavens and one’s feet firmly on the ground, to synchronize one’s walk and talk so they are a single, beautiful expression of passion and vision. Dana Mrkich has achieved this — in her life and in her wonderful new book, which is a guidebook to a future we have yet to create. What shall we do with our beckoning tomorrow? Read, be inspired, and then get to work! Dana is truly one of Australia’s global citizens and emissaries of personal and cultural transformation.” - Robert Rabbin, Author of five books including Igniting the Soul at Work: A Mandate for Mystics, International Executive Coach and Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Counselor and Creator of RealTime Speaking.

“Full of insight and practical spiritual wisdom, A New Chapter will help you transform your thinking and conditioning to perform true miracles in your life and in the lives of others.” - Ariadne Green, author of Ariadne’s Book of Dreams, and Divine Complement

“There are more and more of us worldwide looking for books like this one. We are the ones looking for ways to come out with our own truth, our own inner knowing of what’s good, decent and right, and what we don’t want to put up with anymore in our society, in our humanity or in our selves. A New Chapter sets the stage to encourage us to live our own truth. By describing some of humanities foibles that we may have been blind to, the author then wisely shows us the answers that can come from the strength of our own hearts. Within every one of us lies this unique and authentic being that wants to come out, that wants to stand in the light of our Soul or what author Dana Mrkich calls our essence. She carefully makes her case and promises us: “Being your true essence will allow you to finally live with the peace, wholeness and fulfillment you so seek, desire and deserve.” I found this promise to come true on every page of A New Chapter.” - Barbara Harris Whitfield, RT Author and therapist, Author of Spiritual Awakenings, Co-Author of The Power of Humility

“This book left me with a glorious sense of empowerment, and excitement about being alive at such a crossroads for the earth's and humanity's progress. Many people are lost as to what they can do to help the problems in the world that are all too visible - this book offers the answer and guides us through its call to action. All anyone wants to do is to make a difference, and the book show us how we can do that. Dana speaks from her own personal experience in every point she makes, lending the book potency and weight of relevance and truth.
This book's message is simple yet revolutionary; a joy to read, while offering a powerful solution to our thirst for peace, always taking into account and celebrating the way our minds work, often to sabotage, and potentially to heal. It puts the onus back on us as individuals to help create the world we want, and makes us responsible and accountable. And it makes us know that it is possible. That we can do it, and embrace it, and that it can happen in our lifetime. How insatiably exciting!" – Desanka Vukelich, Freelance Editor

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