Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Energies: Where’s my Support…and why did you Hit Me? Or Goodbye to the Old Masculine and Hello to the New!

What’s Happening this Month written by Dana Mrkich

May Energies: Where’s my Support…and why did you Hit Me? Or Goodbye to the Old Masculine and Hello to the New!

All around us the theme of the moment is support – how are we being supported? Who is supporting us? Who has been supporting us? How will we continue to be supported in the future? Why are our support structures shifting and changing so rapidly? This is coming up for us in every aspect of our lives – emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. Let’s start with the aspect most visible (or invisible as the case may be) to many right now – money.

You could be forgiven for thinking we have entered some bizarre world where all of a sudden the head of Abundance and Money has called for a re-structure. You look into your bank account and you’re sure that more should be in there, but a plethora of bills, payments, payouts and purchases have suddenly swooped in to take their share and you are left with much less than you are used to. Monies you expected to arrive perhaps haven’t come in yet, (they are on their way!) meanwhile conditions at work are reshuffling so quickly you aren’t even sure if you’ll still be there in a month’s time. Certain streams of income are shutting down, while unexpected new streams of abundance are opening up……phew we discover we have more than enough funds to pay those bills after all!

When I was talking about this issue of support that has arisen in people lately my friend and brilliant healer/channel Peita Campbell said: “It’s the Divine Masculine awakening.” Hmmm…..we have been dealing with the awakening of the Divine Feminine so much over the last few years I must say that I have somewhat neglected the Divine Masculine. I walked to the beach and sat down on the sand, closing my eyes to ask for guidance on this matter. Immediately I got an image of a giant size gold genie! I just knew that this was a representation of my Divine Masculine. I asked him what on Earth was going on with the support systems in people’s lives right now? He replied by saying that all support systems that are no longer serving us or in any way connected to the old masculine paradigm are being removed right now, so that support systems that genuinely do serve us and that are aligned with the new masculine way of supporting can come in.

For example, perhaps a woman has been relying on money from a partner, but that partner loses his job or leaves her. Suddenly she is faced with the very real need of finding some income fast. Although the initial feeling is one of panic and fear, ultimately this situation will take her from a place of dependency, to one of independence where not only is she learning to take care of herself but in the process moving into new work that her soul has perhaps been crying out to do for years. Maybe she hasn’t been living to her full potential and this turn of events pushes her, albeit initially with great difficulty, into a whole new and improved self and life.

In another example, a man who has been working in a corporate job he doesn’t enjoy all that much but gets paid well for, is pushed out of the company. He has been saying he has to get out for years, deeply desiring to do something he really loves, but the fear factor has always stopped him. Well, the decision was made for him – in every sense of the word. The decision was made FOR him – for his highest good. The universe didn’t push him out of the company to have him be homeless and bankrupt. It pushed him because they can see a future for him that is waiting for him, one in which he is happily running his own business. The push created some stress, but ultimately provided the impetus for him to try out his idea once and for all.

Stepping into our new support structures requires trust – and when we don’t have that trust the universe is trusting on our behalf and pushing us into the new. (It’s much easier of course for them to trust on our behalf, seeing as they can see a whole lot further down the road than we can!)

So it’s a case of ready or not, here comes your support structure paradigm shift from old to new! This process is bringing up so many emotions in people; feeling they are being abandoned, sadness and anger around losing their former sources of security and stability, fear that much is being taken away but not yet connecting with the wonderful things to come. This is why the key word to help you through this time is: TRUST.

When I was chatting with my Divine Masculine on the beach that day, he looked at me and asked: “Do you trust that my worth is enough to support you?” That was a new question for me. I have definitely dealt with the Divine Feminine and the need for her worth to be acknowledged especially with regards to relationships, but now here was the Divine Masculine talking to me about a whole other kind of worth. The more traditional show me the money kind of worth.
As I looked at him it seemed ridiculous to say anything other than “Yes!” what with his ten foot tall, solid gold genie-like presence sending out quite the message of ‘I am limitless abundance at your disposal’. I realized all the many things we do or accept that suggest we don’t trust the worth of our Divine Masculine.

So now is a good time to connect with your own Divine Masculine and when he asks you if you trust that his worth is enough to support you, feel into are you ready to say yes? Take a look at all the reasons why you have been saying no, or still are.

Of course this support issue is also playing itself out emotionally in the realm of relationships: “Is this partner/friend/boss truly there for me?” Your inner child may be asking (again) “Why weren’t my parents there for me?” Old insecurities around these issues may be triggering neediness, jealousy, paranoia, controlling behaviour, doubts and dramas. All of these things are being highlighted and intensified so that they can ship up and clear out!

While our Divine Feminine is teaching us: you can love and nurture yourself no matter who is or isn’t there for you, no matter who was or wasn’t there for you, the Divine Masculine is teaching us: you can look after yourself materially and financially no matter what, you can stand up for yourself and receive what you are worth no matter what.

The awakening of the Feminine triggers all our wounds around the separation from Source, influencing how loved we feel. The awakening of the Masculine triggers all our wounds around basic human survival on this planet, influencing how safe, protected and provided for we feel. Just as the message of the Divine Feminine is YOU are the source of your own Love, the message of the Divine Masculine is YOU are the source of your own Abundance. We are all Divine Sparks from the One Source. We are part of it just like drops of ocean are part of the ocean, and so we cannot be separated from that which we are. Your worth is deep and limitless, and it has the ability to give you endless amounts of all good things, material and emotional. So open up your Divine Feminine and Masculine energy, connect with their immense worth, and let them know you are ready to receive all that you deserve and all that you are!

© Dana Mrkich 2008


  1. Hi Dana

    It was interesting reading this post.

    Lately,there has been and impulse, desire,"hunger" within me,for financial abundance.

    The appearence of this energy,has been quite amusing to me,as I've never had an interest in money before but here I am,scanning car ads despite having just purchased a new car!

    In a sense,it feels as though this particluar aspect(material need)within has been "neglected/starved" of expression and is now surfacing,wanting to be expressed.

    I simply surrender,let go and let it manifest.Dissolve in it's presence.Being.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.


  2. You are bang on in your assessment! Good work! This was just the piece of the puzzle I needed today.