Monday, June 16, 2008

June Energies: Let go of the Chains of the Past and Welcome the Keys to your Freedom!

What’s Happening this Month written by Dana Mrkich

June Energies: Let go of the Chains of the Past and Welcome the Keys to your Freedom!

Right now we are being asked to break down any limiting little boxes we have created in our minds. You know the ones. They tightly grip on to what they know to be true, based on a less than functional history, and hold on for dear life, even when the walls are collapsing all around them. It is like that story of the elephants who were chained to poles from birth, training them not to stray too far. Eventually the elephants grew up and were more than strong enough to break free, but they were so conditioned to stay within their confined space that it never occurred to them they could leave!

Many people are now choosing – or having the choice thrust upon them seemingly without their choice – to break free out of old, confined spaces. I say seemingly because everything is the choice of our higher self with or without our conscious knowing. Jobs, relationships, homes, geographic locations that are past their use by date are being swept from beneath us. We are being propelled into realities that are more expansive, freeing us to truly be who we really are.

You would think we would all be leaping for joy and shouting yippee! No Siree Bob, for many it is the exact opposite. From the extreme of gripping on to the old, collapsing reality so tight it is hurting, to haunting ourselves with constant fears, doubts and worries: “How will I survive”, “Where will the money come from to support this new life”, and “I will be jobless/homeless/relationshipless forever", our guides are shaking their heads with despair.
It is like they have given us the keys to get out of jail, and we are crying wanting to be let back in.

It is common for people who have spent a long time in prison to re-offend just to get back in there. Why? Well, prison often becomes for them the one place in their life that feels familiar, that offers a comfort zone of sorts. Daily life is scheduled, there is a roof over their heads and three square meals a day. Cellmates become brothers, and while I am by no means insinuating prison life is peachy, it at least offers some degree of stability and security for many who have had not one inch of that in their lives. Out in the world it is a whole new ballgame, offering freedom yes, but a freedom filled with uncertainty. Sounds crazy yes. Surely one would take freedom over prison bars, no matter how uncertain the future? Really? Have you ever stayed in a relationship or job too long that you knew was not healthy for you, but you stayed anyway because you were scared about ending up alone or surviving financially?

So this is how we humans are. Paradise is often available right in front of us but until we get some kind of guarantee it is there, with a detailed map and itinerary listing exactly how to get to the front door and which rides we should take when in there, and whether those rides will make us sick and giddy or happy and joyful, well, we tend to stay right where we are even if it’s a bit of a swamp.

Meanwhile our guides are shouting from the top of the ferris wheel: Over here, this way, it’s all here, just look! If you can’t see, just trust. If you can’t trust, well then just jump anyway! Are you happy where you are now?? Then what have you got to lose?

We are this way because we have been stuck in the matrix where time has a past present future line, and our mirrors are usually turned to the rear view. This gives us no hope whatsoever that tomorrow can actually be different to yesterday. We fear and even anticipate repeating the past, and so often we do because we are the creators of our reality and we create the reality we think we are going to create. We see the reality we expect to see.

If you are looking at the present with grey coloured glasses on, viewing what’s happening through the lens of past experiences, holding on to old and outdated rigid beliefs about reality, those glasses will be feeling pretty tight and uncomfortable right now. We don’t often know we are walking around with these glasses – otherwise we would fling them off pronto! Sometimes we do know but they have been stuck so firmly on for so long that we have no idea how to remove them no matter how hard we pull!

How do you know if you have a pair of these glasses on? Look around at all aspects of your reality, and your relationship with these aspects. Money, love, health, work, home, family – are you desperately trying to move toward one reality, while another one keeps popping up in front of you, whether real or imagined? Is the Universe shoving you into a new reality but you are adamant some kind of mistake has been made and all this change is leading nowhere good. Are you in, or one step close to, the life of your dreams but can’t seem to enjoy it because old tapes keep playing that old one hit wonder “Worries, Doubts and Fears”. If so – chuck out the old tapes so that you can hear what the new tapes are saying “Jump. Trust. Believe. Have Faith”!!! Take off the glasses so that you can see the Paradise ahead of you, or all around you, clearly. It is there.

Right now Christian and I are preparing for a big adventure. All we had to go on was the guidance from our guides to head to the Americas. The second we committed to the trip a detailed itinerary started to unfold right before our eyes, all of it by way of invitations and openings that came to us from people who didn’t even know we were heading in that direction! One week away from leaving, bags and home nearly packed up, we find ourselves with the first 2 months completely scheduled with the most amazing events and happenings. We are sure that things will continue to unfold this way because one thing has been made clear to us time and again; when you follow your guidance it will always, always lead you toward the direction of your destiny.

So, yes I am also one of those people jumping into the unknown yet there is nothing truly uncertain about it, because the itinerary team up in Spirit co-ordinating things would have to take out the biggest award for Most Efficient and Most Organised Management.

Don’t be scared of your freedom. Embrace it. Say goodbye to any self imposed jails you have created and are leaving behind, be they physical, mental or emotional, and take the keys to your Paradise right now. They are right there in your Heart, whispering to you, this way, this way.

© Dana Mrkich 2008

Dana offers Soul Sessions via email to clients all around the world, and is the author of A New Chapter.

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