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October 2010 Visioning the Dream Awake

October 2010

This month enjoy 20% off Soul Sessions (valid until 10 Oct), read about the aaaaagghhh energies around right now in the Monthly Visions and celebrate the announcement by former U.S Airforce Officers that beings from other planets do visit us and even disabled our nukes!

Happy 10-10-10 this month, it's an intense time.....hang in there!!

What's New this Month!

- 20% off Soul Sessions: Phone, Skype, Email and In-Person
- Monthly Visions: The I AM Upgrade
- US Air Force: 'We are not alone' Press Conference
- Thank you from: They Came and Blessed His Pipe Man, Sherwyn

20% off Soul Sessions until 10/10/10: Book Now

We are here at this time to embody our authentic energy and live as empowered creator beings. We are all rapidly moving forward to our new realities however we all have moments where we feel we need a little help to get from 'here to there'. We all tend to carry subconscious patterns, cellular stories and ancestral memories in our energy that are like 'pebbles in our shoe', influencing our ability to live our full potential. It is time to create the relationships, health, abundance and work you most desire, and essentially live the life you came here to live. A Soul Session can help you to shift through old patterns that are no longer serving you, and move forward with clarity and freedom!

"You were so amazingly correct in so many points it leaves me speechless" Rita, Switzerland Email Session

"The clarity and insight you have provided is astounding. You seem to have hit the nail on the head on so many things, that I forget we don't actually know each other!" - Mandie, Australia, Email Session

"The soul reading was just outstanding. I haven't experienced anything like that before". Stefania, USA, Phone Call-in during Radio Interview

Sessions are available via Phone (I call you on your landline at the scheduled time, call charge is free to you), Skype and Email (Written Downloads approx 7 pages that you reply to) and In-person in Sydney, Australia.

Book your Soul Session Special Now:

Offer valid until 10/10/10.


October 2010 Monthly Visions: The I AM Upgrade

Owwwwaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhmmmpphhhh! Sometimes there isn't the right word in the English language to describe feelings or current energies! Leading up to and in the days so far since September 23rd's Spring/Fall Equinox and Full Moon on O degrees Aries we have been in the process of receiving quite the intense upgrade. Imagine a huge steam ship changing direction, or men having to manually lift heavy railroad tracks to point them another way. It's a BIG process and there's a lot of 'Heave....Stop.....Lift......Heave....Stop.....Turn...Back up Back up... Slooowweeer Slooowweeer....Heave...." - you get my drift. It's all happening, but it kinda feels like nothing is happening because while the upgrade is happening not a lot can happen! Read Rest Here:

US Air Force Officers Speak at The National Press Club

Former US Air Force Officers gave a Press Conference on Monday at The National Press Club in Washington D.C regarding their experiences with 'Ufo's' or as I prefer to call them, Starships. They describe in one account how the ships de-activated the military's nuclear missiles. Our planet is one of the most precious in the galaxy, and we aren't going to be allowed to destroy it. Earlier this year Former U.S State Representative McElroy implored international governments to release their secret files containing information about 'UFO's' and 'meetings with other-planetary beings'. We are going to be seeing and hearing a lot more about visits from our galactic neighbours, so get excited! It is no longer a matter of whether full official disclosure will happen, but when!

"I want the government to acknowledge that this phenomenon exists," said Robert Salas, a former U.S. Air Force Nuclear Launch Officer. Salas said he doesn't think the UFOs he claims to have encountered had any offensive intent, but he believes they wanted to leave an impression. "They wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message," he said. "My interpretation is the message is get rid of them because it's going to mean our destruction."

To read more I recommend Fred Burks' site. Fred is a trusted colleague who was a former interpreter for the Clinton and Bush Administrations. He left to be of service to humanity sharing reliable information about cover-ups:


Thank you from They Came and Blessed His Pipe Man, Sherwyn

Thank you to all who helped over the last few weeks with prayers and donations for They Came and Blessed his Pipe Man, Sherwyn. Here is a letter of thanks from Sherwyn, detailing his recovery and the shift this triggered with the IHS (Indian Health Services). Read rest here:




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