Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February Monthly Visions: The Freefall, the Floods and Freedom

February Monthly Visions: The Freefall, the Floods and Freedom
If you’re feeling dizzy by the sheer amount of shift-related action that has already happened in 2011 you are not alone. As we look back on most of January (with the exception of this past week which finally brought a relief of fresh, light energy) many of us are thinking “What was that?!”  Although we all know this Shift is a process, nothing can prepare you for what new and different phases of it are going to feel like.
The champagne corks and fireworks popped at midnight, we had a burst of a high, ready to jump into 2011 with our resolutions and vision lists in hand. Then everything went into freefall rather quickly straight after that – including our levels of energy, emotions and literally tens of thousands of our feathered family dropping out of the sky since 1 January. 5000 dead Blackbirds fell in Arkansas, another 500 in Louisiana, 100 birds on a Californian highway, 8000 Turtle Doves in Italy, with similar events in countries as far away as Sweden, Romania and New Zealand. At the same time our marine family started showing up dead including 2 million fish in Maryland alone, and 40 000 crabs in England. Theories range from a HAARP experiment (a military ionospheric research program that is extremely secretive about the true purpose of this technology) affecting our magnetosphere enough to have either directly or indirectly contributed to these deaths, freezing water, after effects of the Gulf Oil Spill and the accelerating magnetic pole shift.  
People are looking for a specific answer as to why this has happened, but it likely isn’t the result of just one thing. Rather we may be witnessing the results of a ‘perfect storm’ created by both man-made interference and natural earth changes that are reaching a climactic point of colliding with each other. It’s a storm that ‘had to happen’ in that two incompatible systems can only keep running within one organism for so long. One will eventually oust the other and it can only be Mother Earth that wins. She can live without man-made interference, but the interference can’t live without her. If we are lucky enough to keep living on this beautiful planet through and after this Shift, and I believe we came here to experience a New Reality on a New Earth, it will have to be under New Earth Natural Laws and Natural Technology not Man Made Laws and Made for Profit Technology.  This isn’t an idealistic pipedream, this is Life as we will know it if we want to keep living here!
The ‘Happy New Year’ was quickly followed by some of the most emotionally overwhelming yet (eventually) cleansing energy we have experienced as an avalanche of triggers stirred up the deepest recesses of our emotional storage areas.  Emotions are ruled by the element of water and there was certainly plenty of that being stirred up around the planet. Mother Earth is experiencing water-related cleansing big time with floods in Australia, Brazil and South Africa. As I write this Cyclone Yasi, predicted to be a severe high Category 4, is heading for the Queensland Coast, with online opinions divided between it being a natural albeit destructive event, an event influenced by man-made climate change, or yet another smack by the weather-controller crazies who seem to have it in for Queensland (a major provider of fruit and vegetable crops for Australia).  
            Regardless of who is at the helm of this inundation of water, the movement of these waters cannot help but stir up our inner waters (emotions), and this stirring has to happen as part of our shifting process. Both Mother Earth and humans are made up of 75% water. We are micro versions of her macro body. As the full moon affects her tides, it also affects our moods. As the bottoms of rivers are dredged up by storms, so too the bottom of our emotional wells are dredged up, creating an unexpected cloud of density within us that can feel suffocating, overwhelming and depressing.  
Some experienced 11-1-11 last month (that’s 1-11-11 for those in the U.S) on a huge high, others who were processing their own or feeling other people’s drudged up emotions felt it like an oppressive blanket. Neither experience is better or worse, it all leads to the same destination. The density is made up of all our old emotions that have been stuck or repressed within us, that cannot go with us into the higher energy Mother Earth is now moving toward.  When I asked about the depressing feeling around mid-January that many were feeling, The Guides had this to say “We are showing you where you are holding onto old – and thus stuck – energy. All old energy is stuck energy. Energy is meant to move through you as you feel it, none should be held onto or stored. Old energy creates blockages – be it in creativity, abundance, love or health. Old energy is any belief, any pre-conceived notion or concept, as well as held onto resentments, regrets, guilt, worries, fears, experiences and memories.  Ask to be cleared. You have to Ask but all you need to do is Ask. “I ask that I am cleared and cleansed of all old energy on all levels from my mental, emotional, physical and all energy fields. It is done. It is done. It is done.”
This explains why we are finding it harder to keep information or memories stored in our heads, why past years (or even months) feel like past lives that we barely feel any attachment to, and why the holding on of any beliefs, judgements and old emotions is feeling more and more painful and repressive.
This idea that all old energy or emotion within us is stuck energy is a powerful one, because I think we all assume that some degree of past baggage or at least to have memories is normal. Yet the message coming through loud and clear is that energy and emotion is meant to flow through you as you feel it and experience it. If you hold onto it, it becomes a belief or blockage, keeping you stuck in the past or limited in some way.  We are here to create from the energy and emotion of the NOW.  E-Motion is Energy in Motion. So of course it makes sense that energy is not meant to be stored. Energy is designed to flow. When we release our stored energy, we are freed to create from the ever-expanding NOW. What does that feel like to you? Who would you be and what would you do if you woke up without all the worries from yesterday in your head, if you had zero baggage, zero issues, zero old beliefs? You would pretty much create freely as you went along – which is what our new chapter is all about! The relationships you have will be in your life because truly from your heart you choose them, rather than endure them. Your manifestations will be a result of you having desired them consciously. In our old cycle we created from karma, from restriction, from limitation and separation. In our new cycle we will be creating from Zero Point, from NOW, from No Time, from Limitlessness and Connection to who we Really Are.
At the same time as news of the floods spread across the world, came mainstream media reports that the magnetic pole shift was accelerating. An airport in Tampa Florida is having to re-paint their runway lines while another in England who re-painted in 2009 not expecting to do it again for another 56 years is in fact having to do it again now, such is the unexpected acceleration lately. Our planet’s magnetic true north is no longer true north, so what does this mean for us personally – aside from having to invest in a new compass and hoping the airlines do so too! We are being re-oriented and re-calibrated. Our personal jigsaw puzzle might feel like it has fallen on the ground and just like Humpty Dumpty it can’t be put together again! We individually and collectively have to create a new picture. Some of our lifelong dreams will be accelerated to finally come true, others will hit the dust, left behind in the pile labelled ‘that was in the Old Reality’.  
You may have felt like you have had ‘a mission’ your whole life, but lately it feels like the need for that mission is ending. If so, it’s time to find out who you are without that mission. If you had no mission, what would you do? Who do you want to be? You are free from the old job description, and you now have the opportunity to create a whole new life plan or better yet just plan to live each day authentically and fully, and let that lead you where it may.
Which brings us to the light new year energy that finally came to us this past week.  Having fallen off the wall, and accepted there’d be no picking up those pieces again, we started to feel genuine excitement for our new picture. Motivation and inspiration returned like a breath of fresh air.  A very strong new connection to the Feminine Energy is awakening, invigorating our creativity and connection to the Earth and our Humanity. You may be getting into your routine again after a period of time of not feeling like doing anything, and starting to act on some new ideas and projects. With the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit (representing fertility and abundance) starting on the New Moon this Thursday 3 February it’s definitely a great week to plant new seeds for things you’d like to see grow.
If the people of Queensland showed us anything, it is that the human spirit is unbreakable, the human heart limitless and that when the worst of the worst happens, humans find a way to get back up again – and help each other to do the same. The most common sentiments we heard from our Queensland brothers and sisters were words like “We’ll be right. We’ll re-build. It’s just a house” including people whose home had literally floated away!! People rushed to holidaying neighbours homes to save pets before even thinking of their own property and belongings. As devastating as the floods are, the unity of the community has been even stronger. Christian and I happened to be in Byron Bay when the floods hit Brisbane a couple of hours away, and there is something about being so close to an event like that makes you confront the human element of earth changes, particularly important if your focus, like mine, is very often coming from an energy perspective.
The emotional outpouring of both shock and connection that the people were suddenly experiencing was felt by everyone in Australia as a fierce love for, and protection of, our fellow humans.  This is what is driving the Egyptian protests, truthseeking organisations like WikiLeaks and all people working ferociously now to help our New Earth be born.  As Mother Earth is reclaiming her planet so too are we the people reclaiming our right to live on her in peace, unity and freedom. It will happen. It is happening right now.
(c) Dana Mrkich 2011. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL www.danamrkich.com is included


  1. Beautiful Dana! We are creating what we want on this New Earth. I loved the idea of the now and not holding on to any old emotions but rather being free and open to feeling each completely as they arise. That struck me in a new way. Of course, this is why we need friends, to remind us of what we know and help us move forward in a new way. Thank you. You did that for me today!

  2. miss kitty1:17 pm GMT+11

    Thank you for this most important and informative post. It really helps me understand what I am going through right now.
    I was interested when you mentioned how "we are not able to keep information stored..." Fits with me!!!
    I have pleddge to deal with my e-motions and this really helps.
    thank you again.