Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Reminder: Now until 11 Nov Create a Life you Love 50% off!

Reminder: Now until 11/11/11 
Create a Life you Love E-Course $50 only (50% off!)
Now is the time to utilise the powerful energies around us to create our best possible life and world.

Create a Life you Love is available for $50 only (50 % off) until 11 November. Enrol here: http://www.danamrkich.com/courses/index.html

You will receive 7 weeks of information and tools specifically designed to guide you through every level of your Being and all life areas, empowering you to let go of all that no longer serves you, and step into the life your Soul came here to live. Each lesson includes a 20 min audio meditation with a weekly chakra theme.

Topics Covered

· The Reality Creation Process: What works and what doesn't

· Limitless and Eternal Abundance

· Follow your Dreams

· Create Healthy Relationships and Intimacy

· Heal your Inner Child and Parent Energy

· Listen to your Inner-Tuition (your personal GPS)

· Connect to your Higher Self, Guides and Angels

· Get Back in your Driver Seat (own your power)

· Express your Truth and True Self

· Change your Mind

· Visit your Future Self

· ...and much more! 

 "I felt that each week the reading materials spoke to exactly what I needed to hear/be reminded of that week and help me step forward confidently within my new reality of living. The insights you provided were exceptionally intuitive and I loved the analogies you used to help paint a clear picture of how you felt things were operating within the Universe." - Mandie


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