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November Newsletter

November 2011
What's New this Month!  

- November Monthly Visions: The Last Day of the Circus
- Special 1 Nov – 11 Nov: 50% off Create a Life you Love E-Course   

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes for the upcoming birth of our little one! I will let you know when he or she arrives! In the meantime enjoy the November Monthly Visions and the special e-course offer.  I will be taking one day at a time when baby comes, but will still be in touch with Monthly Visions and the newsletter.
Many blessings to all, Dana xo


November Monthly Visions: The Last Day of the Circus

On the night of October 28, the date associated with the end of a 16 billion year Galactic cycle, we were having dinner with my sister and her partner when we noticed a fireworks display happening outside their lounge-room window. This wasn’t a few small sparklers being thrown about by neighbourhood kids. It was a major extravaganza in the night sky, similar to the display that happens in this same location every New Year’s Eve. The fireworks were coming from the park where a circus has been set up for a couple of months and I said ‘It must be the last day of the circus.”  As soon as those words came out of my mouth we all had a big chuckle, realising it was October 28, 2011 and indeed what a wonderful confirmation that we were indeed experiencing the last day of ‘the circus’ – complete with New Year’s Eve fireworks! Read rest here: http://danamrkich.blogspot.com/2011/11/november-2011-monthly-visions-last-day.html


Special 1 Nov – 11 Nov: 50% off Create a Life you Love E-Course

As a special offer to celebrate this special time we are offering 50% off Dana’s 7 week e-course Create a Life you Love, valid 1 November 2011 – 11 November 2011.  Once purchased you can start anytime you like! Details here: http://www.danamrkich.com/courses/index.html

“I felt that each week the reading materials spoke to exactly what I needed to hear/be reminded of that week and help me step forward confidently within my new reality of living. The insights you provided were exceptionally intuitive and I loved the analogies you used to help paint a clear picture of how you felt things were operating within the Universe.” - Mandie

“Thanks for the inspiring ideas in the course each week. There is lots to think about, inspire and challenge. I am enjoying and learning. You have a direct and practical perspective blended with uplifting wisdom.” - Alice

“Old suppressed feelings I thought I had dealt with well, resurfaced and I couldn't see a way out. Obviously they needed to be addressed again, so after completing the little exercises you sent the light bulb suddenly switched on! You cannot believe what a surprise this was to me!. It gave me control back on my life. ME. I want to thank you Dana these issues did need addressing again and I am no longer afraid of them.” - Alison 

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