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Goodbye December 21 and 2012

Goodbye December 21 and 2012

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How to describe what everyone is feeling right now? We may as well get one of those round bowls that you find on many a metaphysical shop counter, filled with rectangular shaped cards each one bearing the name of a particular feeling: Calm, Angry,  Excited, Disappointed, Grateful, Frustrated, Peaceful, Turbulent, Confident, Depressed, Motivated, Dejected, Committed, Betrayed, Happy, Sad.  Some of you may be feeling more of the uplifting vibes, others are feeling sucked into a vortex of the heavier ones, while many of you have looked at the round bowl, tipped the whole thing upside down, pointed at all the cards and said: “Yep, all that, that’s what I’m feeling.”
            Logically and in our hearts we know the ‘Shift’ is not a one day event, but a window of time during which we’ll see huge changes on every level, personal, social and global, as a result of an increase in consciousness that is influencing all Earth and humanity. We know that December 21 marked the final date of the end of a long cycle, significant but not necessarily heralding that something big and obvious would happen on that exact day. (Even in much, much, shorter astrological cycles like say a personal Saturn return of 28 years, you generally do not experience your big life changing event on the exact day that the transit is right on your natal planetary degree. In that case it’s an influence that spans across a year or so. So imagine when the cycle is 5125 years! Or 26000 years!). Yet, deep down, many of us hoped something, anything, would happen on or around this date as a kind of positive big bang entry into the new cycle, something to give us some sort of a sign that we are all heading in the right direction, that humanity is awakening, and that all of our inner and outer work hasn’t been for nothing.
We may not have even realised just how much we were hoping for that, until the day came and went, and many of us were left with a sense of empty anti-climax. Maybe not immediately. Maybe not on December 22 or 23, but slowly as the days have passed it is as if we all shouted 3, 2, 1 Happy New Year! and waited for the fireworks, but they didn’t come. So we waited a bit more, maybe there was a delay. We waited some more. More days and nights passed. People started leaving and grumbling; “Do you have any idea how much effort it took to get here, and there’s no show?”, “We came so early just to get a good seat, and now nothing!” “I want a refund!” “Well that’s the last time I ever believe in this company again. They can take their fireworks and shove it you know where!” Meanwhile other people, the faithful believers, are still on the blankets saying “No, don’t go, wait, the fireworks are still going to come. They’re just late, they’re giving us another date.”  Others still are smiling and saying “Hey, look around you. It was never about the fireworks. Look where you are! How amazing is this planet! Think about all the wonderful changes that are happening. You get to be part of that!” 
We’ve experienced wave after wave of intense energy surges all year, solar flares galore, what a build up! Yet on December 21....quiet, stillness, silence.  Many, including myself, experienced it as a very mellow, calm day.  Many, including myself, experienced multiple, amazing synchronicities in the days leading up to it and received answers to lifelong personal questions, in the most unexpected and subtle of ways.
One of my biggest questions to myself has always been ‘Am I doing what I came here to do, am I helping as many people as possible in the best way possible?” and one of my biggest fears used to be getting to the other side only to find out that I hadn’t done all I could of/was ‘supposed’ to!  That question was for me clearly answered and that fear completely cleared in the most unexpected of ways, and it didn’t come from a wild cosmic download or eight minutes of meditating. It came via an email from a lady who had contemplated ending her life that day, and was looking up ways to do it on the internet. As she was doing so one of the lessons from my course had just come into her inbox, so she opened that up and read it, and whatever she read gave her the aha moment she most needed in that moment to move forward with strength. In her words, she was now “resting in peace, without actually dying.” 
As soon as I read the email I cried and cried, good tears, thinking of this lady, grateful she had found whatever she needed to keep going. I cried, feeling as if someone upstairs had just given me a million dollar cheque with a graduation certificate saying you are doing enough, you’ve been doing enough, you are reaching exactly who you are supposed to be reaching. It is interesting, I often tell people you never know who you are helping, you never know how huge the smallest of actions can be to another person. I often share the story of the man who bumped into an old school mate years later, and thanked him for saving his life. He told him that one day he was on his way home from school, and yet again the bully kids were teasing him. The school mate stood up for him. He told his school mate “I was going home to kill myself that day but I didn’t because of what you did that day.” 
I share that story a lot because I want people to know that we really never know just how much we are helping, nor do we even necessarily know who exactly we are helping. I receive lots of wonderful emails letting me know and I STILL clearly didn’t get the message because it took this one, graphic, emotionally honest email to really make me get it...deep in my heart. 
So one of the things I really want to say about the beginning of this new cycle is, we may not have had the fireworks that many were expecting or even secretly hoping for but I hope that in some way you received some sign to keep going, even if it was small or subtle, and if you didn’t please consider temporarily using other people’s experiences as your source of inspiration to help you keep going until you do get your own personal ‘that’s what I needed to hear/see/know moment’.
On December 20 I experienced three amazing synchronicities, (you can read about them on my Facebook or Twitter feed) and have since been experiencing an increase in things like synchronistic meetings, texting someone at the exact time they are texting me, or thinking something and receiving a near instant manifestation regarding it (from ask a question get an answer from unexpected quarters to resisting something and getting an immediate physical body symptom mirroring the resistance!). It is time to be super clear, conscious and mindful of our thoughts!
Lots of people have reported that they too are experiencing multiple or amazing synchronicities around this time, so again while this isn’t exactly a globally visible blast of light from the sky, we have to acknowledge that it does exactly fit in with what a more high vibrational life looks like on a day to day level. We are so clear on our visions regarding what an awakened society looks like (and think our current reality society looks quite different!) it is easy to dismiss what Florence Scovel Shinn called ‘the signs that land is up ahead even when you can’t see it’ - the twigs floating on the water and the birds circling the ship, letting us know we are heading in the right direction.
There is no doubt we are in a ‘reboot’ period, with many struck down since December 21 with lots of people reporting headaches, cold and flu’s requiring bed rest, power outages, flat batteries in the home or car, phones and internet down,  and generally feeling a nothingness or flatness.  This is a more extreme version of the in limbo feeling many have felt during 2012.  During the year it’s like we were waiting for our new ‘programs’, whereas now the new programs have arrived and we are now going through the process of activation. As you know with your computer, when you install a new system you have to shut down your computer and re-start to activate the new software.  Hence this feeling many are having of wanting to leave the planet or being in a big, black void of nothingness – this will pass. Your old identity is gone, gone gonskies and your new one is being uploaded and activated and part of you has no idea what that new identity is all about. The old contracts are finished and your new blank pages await.
For some the unknown is magical and a wonderful mystery, they are excited to unwrap it. For others the unknown is an overwhelming scary place prone to bring on anxiety and panic attacks or depression. If you are looking at the road ahead and just see nothingness, I highly recommend grabbing a pile of magazines and tearing out images that come to you. (I did this inspired by this creative nudge and found it personally very helpful). This is not meant to be a vision board, just a quick way to really determine where your own personal energy is at, and what your new/true self wants to tell you about what’s really going on in the centre of you, as opposed to getting caught up in the flurry of conflicting feelings and messages that are swirling all around you. You will more than likely be surprised at the images you choose. This will help your ‘head’ catch up to where your energy/heart is at.
As we move forward with our physical selves and physical lives on the higher vibrational reality plane, the old denser physical reality will still be around us as it goes through the transformative process we have already internally gone through. People ask, if we have shifted up into a new vibration how can old vibration reality still be present? The physical reality of our today, is the result of the energy reality of our yesterday’s. While our collective vibrational shift will start to show itself in more obvious ways in the physical in the months and years to come, for a time we are still living with the physical manifestations of our collective old vibration. Your personal life may be 70% or 90%  ‘new vibration’ but even so you may still have to interact with people and systems that are in their transition stage. On an energy level they have been called to shift, but on a physical, visible level they are still acting out the old vibration.
The physical is like a system that has been fed loads of etheric coins in order to play.  As each coin drops, the relevant tune plays. New high vibration coins are now flowing into all of our systems, but for some people there is a backlog of old vibration coins queued up, still playing the old tunes. Those tunes have to play out on the physical before the new tunes can start playing for those people, and for certain systems, situations, countries, etc. Others have spent a long time clearing their backlog, and started dropping new vibration coins into their system a while ago, and so for those people they are seeing lots of the new tunes already playing in their daily life in various life areas. It’s like when you introduce a new coin into the monetary system – there is a period when there are the old versions and new versions floating about, but as more of the new come in, and more of the old get taken out, eventually it’s very rare to see an old coin and the new becomes the new standard.   
The amount of time you spend in old reality energy will be different from person to person and from day to day. It will depend on how much of your life you have already shifted on the physical and emotional level and how much you are yet to shift, for example are you working in a job you are in harmony with or one that is making you sick? Are you surrounded by supportive friends and family, or still hanging out with toxic people?  Are you thinking thoughts and living your life in alignment with your truth and heart, or allowing yourself to drop into disempowering thoughts and actions? The energy disparity between the two will become more and more extreme, and so any ‘drop down’ into the old reality will increasingly feel harder, heavier and downright suffocating.
 A note on this – this ‘drop down’ is more to do with your inner energy and less to do with your outer environment.  For example, you can choose to be in a challenging environment with harmonious energy and be of great service that way. Likewise, you can also choose to be in a lovely, supportive environment with restrictive or hostile thoughts and be of great disservice to yourself that way.
Crossing the threshold of December 21 has triggered major feelings in all those who have long awaited this date. There is a feeling of release – release from old fear-based predictions and prophecies that were keeping many stuck and release from old, archaic energies that have long dominated this planet. There is an associated feeling of freedom and liberation – freedom to now truly do what we came here to do, free of old (perceived and real) restrictions, free of old beliefs, free of old karma, free of an old paradigm that is crumbling faster than we can say new reality.
There are feelings of disappointment, anger and confusion – Why aren’t things happening faster, (crumbling faster!) in a more obvious way? Why did so many people predict specific things that didn’t happen?  (Mass landings, Nibiru passing, 3 days of darkness, etc). To the former: many associated December 21 with the time that the changes would have all occurred by, when actually it was more the marker of our turning point – the time by which we had to collectively make our choice. Would we keep going straight and hit a brick wall, or would we turn right and shift with the Earth, making the changes we need to make to keep living on her in a peaceful and sustainable way?  As frustrated as part of my human self is at how far we have yet to go, my inner self keeps reminding me how far we have come and how much has changed even in the past year let alone the past 5 or 10 years. As much as I watch the mainstream media in disbelief as they continue with what passes for informative news, I am uplifted by the online alternative news media and thousands of inspirational people and sites that millions are now tuning into to gather truthful, empowering information. As enormous as the problems billions still face are, I am amazed daily by the numbers of people waking up, in their own ways, asking questions, yearning for more meaningful lives, wanting a more harmonious world, seeking and participating in solutions, demanding change, extending their hand to others in whatever way they can.
Although the Shift is not an overnight transformation, it is also not one that will take many generations to start to be made manifest in clear, visible, tangible ways. Of course, our grandchildren’s world will be one we cannot even imagine, for the better, but some of the real change we so deeply yearn for will be something we get to experience in our lifetime. How can I be so sure? Why would you even believe in anything anymore after the ‘non-event’ of December 21? Well for one thing, it’s already started for anyone who has their eyes truly open to it. Secondly, it does not make sense that so many of us would incarnate with such a clear focus, such a clear intention, such a clear mission, such a clear vision and such a clear calling to create a new reality, only to have the change we participate in be no more and no less than any other ‘normal’ change that happens every decade, every generation.  This is the time of planting our seeds, and we are the star seeds doing the planting. We have always known we are here to do this, only in the old cycle our seeds had a hard time taking root in that particular dirt. The old cycle ‘dirt’ wasn’t compatible with our seeds that were programmed for new cycle ‘dirt’. It’s like when you plant a vegie garden, if the ground is not suitable, the vegetables won’t grow.  We’re now finally in the time of rich, lush soil perfectly suited to our seeds, and so now is definitely not the time to give up or have a tantrum that you’ve had enough!
To the latter regarding specific predictions, I think we are to expect some wild cards, things that no-one has predicted, and it will happen on some random Tuesday when we least expect it, and it will be transformative in a positive way. Forget doomsday, forget living underground for three years, that timeline ship has long sailed. Throughout our history we have had a myriad of timelines going into multiple potential futures, and it is quite possible that people who were predicting specific happenings were tuning into a timeline that simply was no longer an option by the time we arrived at that time point. People have talked about there being two remaining timelines leading up to December 21, one of awakening and global transformation, and the other of destruction. This didn’t mean that either of those things would happen on that day, rather that humanity would ultimately choose one or the other of those two timeline train tracks as we entered the new cycle, no longer able to have both as an option. My feeling has always been that we knew a long time ago which timeline we would ultimately choose, the one of awakening and global transformation, and we have done that.  Don’t take my word for it, look for your own evidence, go into your own heart and truth, seek your own counsel. If the ‘false’ predictions have taught us anything it is to use our own discernment, to go with our own intuition and gut instincts.  Your own centre is the best place to go for a feeling of safety, clarity and guidance at any time.
My feeling on ‘mass landings’ is that no benevolent race would land here until they’re sure that a) we aren’t going to run screaming in fear/try to shoot them down and b) we don’t revere them as our gods or saviours. The message that came through after December 21 was that in a way the ‘mass landing’ did happen only totally not in the way we expected it to.  As we now awaken (are activated) to even more of who we really are, (including the awakening/activation of previously dormant abilities) we awaken to the memory of ourselves as beings from the stars. The starship full of Pleiadians that you’ve been waiting for your whole life are actually those really lovely people you met at a festival last weekend. The Sirians you’ve always wanted to talk to are the people you sat amongst at that workshop yesterday. The Arcturians with powerful healing abilities are the bodyworkers and health practitioners you’ve been helped by.  They don’t secretly go home and unzip their human outfit and recline on the couch in their light bodies.  They don’t gather in conspiratorial groups and laugh about how the humans haven’t figured out yet that they’ve infiltrated the human ranks.  They aren’t scary aliens any more than you are a scary alien. If you don’t resonate with this bit, that’s fine but if you do, then you are one of these star seeds, these star beings, who have come to Earth this lifetime, incarnating as a human, to help create the new world with your own special vibrational footprint, or lightprint as it were. The Hopi’s said it: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Do we get that yet?
I am the first person to say I cannot wait for the day the whole world acknowledges the reality of our galactic neighbours as a normal reality. Yet, to wait for star people from another planet to come and help us or save us, is to not acknowledge our own ability, and responsibility, to help ourselves and save ourselves and shift ourselves into a physical reality that is a worthy match to the vibrational reality we know we are capable of and that we are already actually holding. We have got to step into our power first. We have got to stop waiting for a date, for ‘ascension’, for disclosure. We have got to just get on with doing what we feel called to do, and now more than ever we get a chance to get clear on why we are doing it.
Disillusioned with the universe? Are you over your guides? Sick of channels and promises of a greater reality?  Fine. So this is the moment to ask ourselves “Am I doing what I’m doing because of the universe/my guides/what channels are saying or am I doing what I’m doing because I can’t not do it? Am I doing it because I look at people and society and the world and see there can be new ways of doing things? Am I going to do what I’m going to do because someone has promised me there’ll be a mass awakening, or because my children and grandchildren will one day ask: “And what did you do to change things? What did you do with your ‘seeds’ and your awakened self?”
When my mum was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and six brain tumours ten years ago, aged 50, a healer, an artist, I threw a huge tantrum at the universe. I said I’d resign if anything happened to her, and never believe in anything again! Well, in the three months of that very short journey before she passed I learned something that was a major turning point in my life. I learned that you can’t say everything happens for a reason, and then throw a tantrum when you don’t yet understand the reason. I learned that healing comes in many forms and that death is not a failure or an end, and nor are unexpected outcomes. I’m being reminded of that time in my life because I know a lot of you right now are screaming at the universe saying you’ve had enough and you’re going to resign and never believe in anything again. That time in my life was when I spiritually grew up and started embodying my truth, embodying what I knew and started really living it. As we transition from one cycle to the next, this is our time to spiritually grow up, to embody our truth and what we know, and really start living it. It is time to take a good look at what we are doing and why, and know for whom are we doing it. It is a good time to start fresh, taking only what really resonates with us as we move forward into our futures.  
Yes, we do deserve something big and obvious and amazing to happen. Yes we all want a cosmic shower of love and awakening to spread all over everyone on the whole planet in a way that they can really feel it and know it. But at the end of the day we will still be left with the question...and then what? Well we have now arrived at the time where we have to answer that question, starships or no starships, global love wave or no global love wave. The time is here, the star people aren’t going to do it for us, the global love wave may have come and gone a hundred times already for all we know but it still isn’t going to do it for us. We have to do it for us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It is time to get that now.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2012
Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and this byline is included. Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Writer, Speaker, Teacher and Author of A New Chapter.  Join her on Facebook or Twitter for regular energy updates.



  1. love you so Dana! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom.

  2. Love this and love you.
    I remember how much time it took to get my body back, to be able to sit,stand and walk after giving birth and that was 42 years ago, let alone learning how to do all my responsibility's and care for the wonderful new baby that I had just brought into that world...this new world is going to be a wonderful delicious piece of cake...and I GET to do the decorating!!!! Happy NEW YEAR--NEW LIFE to everyone!!!

  3. Happy 2013 Dana!! yay, I can't believe it, feels like we have arrived into the future :) Looks like Sydney put on an amazing fireworks display

    2012 seems, last year now (lol!)

    Thank you for a wonderful post, right on it!

  4. I have felt everything you've described. Pissed off! Temper Tantrums! Threatening to quit the Ascension process! And so on . . . Having your feelings validated by being reflected back to you is what healing and personal growth are all about. Now, knowing that I'm normal, in the sense of being a frustrated, pissed off Lightworker, I can get past this. My temper trantrum self gets a reprieve and I get to move forward again.

    Very Good Medicine,

    I know I needed it. And thank you for that slap up the side of my head. I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now and get back to making Love through music. It's what I came here to do and I'm doing it.

    Thank You Dana,

    Love & Blessings from

    Dr Moe