Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Mother of all New Year's Eves/New Year's Days

We're coming up to the Mother of all New Year's Eve's/New Year's Days! 

Imagine two baskets in front of you. 

In one, place everything you would like to leave behind in the old cycle. It might include personal qualities, old patterns and even global injustices that have all served their purpose. See a fire burning up this basket, as you bless what it contained and thank it for all it taught you/us.

 In the other basket, place things you would like to contribute to our new world. This might include personal prayers, your commitment to certain qualities, actions and behaviours, and visions for our next chapter. See yourself offering this basket out to the Earth from your heart, knowing that no matter how small or large, silent or vocal, personal or communal your contribution is, it counts. It all counts as your contribution to our new world.
(c) Dana Mrkich 2012
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