Friday, July 25, 2014

Our travels on this Earth

Excerpt from a recent Soul Session. Fascinating information is coming through lately!

"It’s like you have gone to certain places on Earth, and they are showing me this image of you brushing your hand on the ground, clearing the space, exactly as someone would if they wanted to create a small landing strip for something to land on.

You didn’t literally brush your hand on the ground, but energetically your presence did this to those spaces you felt called to visit. You cleared and created pockets of space, so that when Earth moved into these higher frequency energies, they were able to more easefully ‘land’ onto the Earth rather than have to push through the old denser energy.

The other reason you have felt called to travel is, in turn, you receive activations from certain places, awakening your memory, awakening soul talents and gifts, particularly from areas that are sacred sites, and also areas that you have travelled to in previous incarnations."

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014



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