Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Big Quiet: The Sun decides to have a siesta

What is just as emotionally intense as a huge solar flare? No solar flares! As in none, zip, zero for around a week now. Astronomers are calling it 'the Big Quiet' and are quite baffled, although it just goes to show that no matter how much we know about something, life and the universe is always one step ahead with mysteries and surprises. 

Energetically what you might assume might feel like a period of quiet is actually generating a bit of emotional irritability! Whether aware of it or not, we are influenced by solar activity. We have become used to the regular pulses of energy coming our way, and have got used to a chronic adrenalin flowing through us. 

'The Big Quiet' is a bit like all of a sudden experiencing a blackout when you are used to the rush of city life with its electricity, tv, computers and the hum of noise you are used to. Profound peace doesn't automatically wash over you - instead you find yourself wondering what on earth to do with all of your inner energy without the usual distractions of immense amounts of outer energy. 

So you may have found yourself exploding quite a few times in the past week as you become hyper-aware of yourself. You may have had more insights around what annoys you about yourself (or others), what gifts/talents you haven't been using and want to be, or you may have had a rush of inspiring thoughts, ideas and dreams/goals that haven't ever come up before or are coming up in a new 'I can do it!' kind of way. 

The Big Quiet can feel unsettling because it is a different way of experiencing energy, but it is also an opportunity to enjoy this different experience. Pay attention to the feelings, ideas and insights coming up for you at this time.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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