Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Phase II Post-Solstice Energy Report

NOTE: This is a long one so you might like to get yourself a cup of tea! Ten pages for the written version, and 45 min total for the video versions split into two parts for easier viewing. Enjoy!

As we sit in the aftermath of the powerful surge brought to us by this recent powerful Solstice, it is clear that we have arrived into (yet another) new place and space.
            Over the past couple of weeks, the time period December 21, 2012 – June 21, 2014 is being shown to me like two bookends, marking what they are calling ‘Phase I’ of this new evolutionary cycle. As we crossed that initial, evolutionary threshold 18 months ago there were hopes held by many that we would have some sort of overnight sign or tangible reality change showing us that things had indeed shifted.  We don’t get any such sign or obvious external change whenever we start other new cycles be it January 1 each year or when we experience the transition of a planet as it crosses from one zodiac space to the next, yet deep down we still wanted something to happen.
            Something has indeed happened, although it has happened and is happening in a strange kind of slow-motion meets hyper-fast rapid speed kind of way. They are giving me the analogy of an animator, who has to do one illustration per frame. Living out the shift, frame by frame, day by day, sometimes seems like an excruciatingly slow process – particularly when we are looking externally out into the world and comparing what is to what we know is possible.  They are asking us to look back for a moment at the centuries and decades leading up to now. It used to be that the collective took years to turn the pages of just a few frames. Over time, the turning of the pages has sped up.
As we crossed the threshold into a new cycle and since then, social media has facilitated the awakening of masses of people as one corruption/abuse/injustice scandal has been revealed after the other.  People are protesting and petitioning daily, demanding real change. We are seeing comments in mainstream newspaper blogs that only a couple of years ago were confined to so called conspiracy theory sites.  For some of us these revelations (and more long overdue) are not happening fast enough. Others are reeling in shock as to what has been revealed so far.  Mass awakening, and by that we mean mass revelations of the greater truth of our world and reality, including the existence of other-dimensional and other-planetary beings, is a delicate process. It is happening as fast as it can without sending the majority of people into traumatic shock and fear, which would create the very opposite outcome we are wanting.
As we crossed the new cycle threshold 18 months ago, our greater selves started flicking through the frames faster than any illustrator could keep up, and faster than our conscious minds and physical bodies could keep up! We now find ourselves in a somewhat unsettling albeit exciting situation where some of us have been carried by the waves so fast that we are hurling through white space, beyond the frames which we had previously drawn for ourselves.  We are moving faster energetically than our physical reality can catch up. It may feel like you are not moving at all, as if you are in a void. Some of the time the not moving feeling happens when you are in a rest and recharge period. Other times though, it happens when you are actually moving faster than you can imagine. For those of you who have been sky-diving, you’ll know that even though you are going 200km/125miles per hour, it actually feels like you are still. For a while there, the only evidence that you are actually moving is the feel of the air rushing past you and into your face!
            So too, on one level you may have wondered if you have been standing still much of the last 18 months, but on another level you likely cannot count how many changes have actually happened including everything from inner healing releases and powerful insights to relationship/home/family/work re-shuffling.  Even if things haven’t dramatically changed in your own life, you have likely observed a more-than-usual amount of life-changing events occurring for those around you. All of a sudden you may be hearing on a weekly basis of yet another relationship break-up, or experience a wave of many people passing on in your close and distant circles of family, friends and colleagues.

Souls leaving the planet only to return
They want to speak on the above latter point for a moment.  Now, for some of those passing it is because they are choosing not to continue in the new energy on this planet full stop.  For others however, it is because they are choosing not to continue in their current physical form. Many in the latter group will choose to re-incarnate onto the planet quite quickly, thus getting to experience the new energies from Day 1 of their new incarnation.  They could of course have waited, lived out the remainder of their life, and then done the same thing – but timing as always is of the essence. Those souls choosing to take the path of departure are needed now, and when we say now we mean as we build the foundation of the New over the next 10, 20 years.  The energies that they will bring into a new incarnation now and exude over the next 20+ years are more powerful than the energies they would have been carrying over that same period had they stayed here in their previous incarnation.
It is also more exciting for them, from the Soul perspective.  When we look ahead at 20 years from now, these Souls didn’t want to wait until then to depart, only to start anew in 2035 or so. They want to be 20+ years of age in 2035 and beyond, experiencing themselves as young, conscious creators on a New Earth. (2035 is just an example year, I’m not putting it out there as yet another ‘date’ to wait for….the change is happening now. We’re in it).
So this helps us to understand why so many highly conscious people have been leaving the planet over the last 18 months. Our logical mind thinks “Gosh, they lived their whole life to get to this point, and now they’ve left! What is going on? Did they give up? Has something gone wrong with ‘the plan’?”  They had to leave now, in order to be able to get back here in time (after having a short R&R de-brief period upstairs!), in order to be the conscious children and adults of our upcoming generations.
For a Soul this is exciting stuff – for those of us left behind it is of course difficult to lose our loved ones physically. That said, our society’s way of responding to death will change remarkably in the coming decades as the collective becomes more aware of the continuation of our non-physical selves beyond this incarnation. The other day I watched the most uplifting story (starts just before 32 minute mark) of two women who organised for the ashes of their mother and grandmother to go up into the sky as fireworks!  It was a celebration of their life, and even the journalist remarked how natural it felt for the ashes to go ‘up’.
In other cases, some souls are choosing to leave younger than expected so that their passing can trigger an awakening for large numbers of their family, friends and community. These cases are usually the most devastating and tragic. We do great honour to these special souls when we take up the baton they have passed down to us: laws are changed, awareness of some issue is highlighted, family bonds are strengthened, hearts are opened, lives are lived more fully. This doesn’t discount the unbearable pain that such grief brings, and I don’t want to spiritually sanitise any parent’s experience of the loss of a child in particular. This information is only to offer some part of the explanation for that which to us seems inexplicable.
Many of us are choosing to stay here during this turbulent ‘first phases’ period, knowing that our contribution is helping and knowing that things will ease up. As turbulent as things are and have been, the first thing most of us will say once we get back ‘Home’ is “Get me back down there!” So, appreciate the gift of this experience now while you are in it.

Creating Heaven on Earth, and the Trinity
We have all been conscious beings in the non-physical. We have all been physical bodies with limited consciousness. It is an absolute gift to be living and embodying the reality of experiencing an expanded level of consciousness, with an awareness of our greater reality, while in a physical body here on this planet Earth. To experience that as an individual is a sacred gift. To experience it alongside a community of others is that gift multiplied. To experience it within a physical planetary community – that is, with the majority of humanity living consciously – is beyond anything we can truly comprehend although we may have dreamed it, envisioned it, intuited it and foreseen it.
In my brief post-Solstice message ‘Slam Dunk Solstice’ I wrote: “I am being shown that scene from The Matrix where Neo is seemingly killed and Trinity is talking to him reminding him who he is. She says: "Now get up!" That's when he realises he no longer has to dodge the bullets, the bullets aren't even real. He gets up.  So, from the great Trinity, whoever and whatever that is to you: remember you are one of the ones.”  A couple of days after writing that message, I discovered this magnificent photo below captured right on Solstice, of the Sun with a rare Triple Halo, which for me was a beautiful validation of the Trinity message.

Further, I then went on to read that these halo’s are created by dual pyramid-shaped ice crystals, where one pyramid pointing down intersects another pointing up: which you may know is the symbol of the Merkaba which many say is our inter-dimensional light vehicle.  This shape also represents the merging of Heaven and Earth: higher consciousness and physical reality combined – which is the theme of our new evolutionary cycle. For me, the Sun on Solstice perfectly represented and verified the direction we are officially heading in as of now, and was a beautiful sign that we are right on track. 


Phase I and health
The Solstice marked a transition point of sorts between what they are calling Phase I and Phase II of this new evolutionary cycle. (I don’t know how many phases there are, but there are more!).
In the Phase I period Dec 21 2012 – Jun 21 2014, we were experiencing the full-frontal blast of higher-vibrational energies more than we ever have before in a physical body on this planet. It cannot be stated strongly enough just how new this is to us: to experience high-frequency energy in our physical bodies on this planet Earth.
 This energy wasn’t just coming at us. Now, we were and are in it. Back to the skydiving analogy, sometimes this felt intense and overwhelming while at other times we felt like we were flatlining with no concept of past, future, up or down.
Our energies were racing ahead at a million miles per hour, and this affected nearly everyone’s physical body regardless of the level of vibration you were and are holding.  Regardless of the level of vibration you are at, we have all received and are continuing to receive major vibrational upgrades….and our physical in the last 18 months had a lot of catching up to do (more than usual)! 
Our physical bodies, individual and collective reality, emotions and thoughts are more than ever being called to match our new vibrational levels – and not letting us get away with not doing that!
So many people I know who have spent years without so much as a cold, found themselves being struck down time and again with all manner of ailments. Some of this can be attributed to environmental toxins which we have to address in our local and global communities as a priority. Much of it though can be attributed to the overwhelming amount of energy being received onto the planet, and into our bodies. After a lifetime of excellent health, and almost two decades of energetically clearing everything one could ever imagine to clear, the last 18 months for me has been an almost constant adventure in colds, allergies, sneezing and coughing. It started December 24 2012 once we had completed 3 days of sweat lodge ceremony over the Dec 21-23 period and culminated in 36 hours in bed with the flu leading up to Solstice morning this June 21 2014. 
We all process energies differently. Sometimes we get sick because we aren’t plugged in enough and are being called to connect with more of our authentic self. Sometimes it is because we are too plugged in, and are taking on everyone else’s stuff unnecessarily. Other times, it is because we need to rest and slow down. Rest time allows us to be re-charged and re-wired. When we’re feeling completely knocked out there’s often a huge upgrade occurring. Other times it’s a way of releasing old energy that has been lodged in our energy fields that is finally making its way out of us through our physical bodies. 
These energies are powerful. They are activating us and uplifting us, and thus something we should welcome. There is no one right or wrong way to process them because each of us are experiencing different things for different reasons. Our natural state is one of wellbeing, and health symptoms are often the body’s way of trying to get us into greater alignment with who we are. Too often we fixate on the ‘something is wrong’ part of the health symptom, rather than asking it: okay, what are you trying to tell me/show me/help me with? Aside from getting yourself physically checked out by a health practitioner when you have concerns, it is really helpful to communicate with your health symptoms. You can do this with a facilitator, or just get out your journal and start a dialogue with the relevant symptom, giving it a name to help the process eg Sneezing Sarah. Trust what comes.
It is helpful to stay as centred as possible rather than get swept up in the physical and emotional upheaval that can come with the stronger shift waves. That might mean taking rest when you can, focusing on your breath when you feel anxious, going for a walk if you feel ungrounded, maintaining a healthy eating and workout schedule that you enjoy, listening to music that feels good, doing some meditation to clear your mind, journal to receive insights, have a couple of trusted healing practitioners in your contacts list that you know can help you clear things if it gets too much for you to handle on your own. Know what makes you feel good, centred and grounded, and pull those things out of your backpack during the times you can feel yourself spiralling into wobbliness.

Phase II
What will Phase II bring us? It feels like the Sun’s Triple Halo was giving us a clue alongside a follow-up rare sight below of concentric halo’s around the Sun on June 24. From Space Weather: “The variety of halos they witnessed was caused by a corresponding variety of ice crystals with rare gem-like perfection and unusually precise crystal-to-crystal alignment.”


The key word and theme that stands out to me is Alignment. Everything and everyone on this planet is being called to align with the higher versions of ourselves, and with the higher frequency energies. That which is out of alignment naturally has to go through a period of either collapse or transformation. We are seeing this now in every aspect of society, albeit in baby steps, and it will continue to unfold and accelerate in this next phase. 
If you feel to share your interpretation of these halo’s please feel free to do so in the comments section, or add a link to your blog if you have written about them. To me, they are like a crop-circle in the sky, offering messages that are being received by our cells whether or not we consciously know the full meaning and content of these messages.
Regarding the Triple Halo: There are many Holy Trinity’s. We have the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman. We have Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and Sarah.  We have Isis, Osiris and Horus. We have the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. There are others. The Trinity is whatever it is for you, and it can be all of these energies.
            The most predominant energy within the overall Trinity theme is the Re-awakening and Re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. Our old definitions, repressions, abuses and misunderstandings of the Feminine are being outed, quashed and demolished. Instead we are entering a new territory, one in which we are collectively re-thinking what the Feminine is, re-defining her abilities, her worth and her value, and re-wiring the way in which we express her.
The Feminine is not limited to women. She exists in all of us, just as the Masculine is not limited to Men, existing in all of us also. Yet, if you have incarnated in this lifetime as a woman you may be feeling compelled to embody a more empowered version of the Divine Feminine just as men are feeling compelled to embody a more nurturing version of the Divine Masculine. As we balance our Feminine, our Masculine is also called to balance, just like a seesaw.
            The June 24 halo’s remind me of the Vesica Pisces, representing the Feminine and Masculine. They may also have a story to tell about the separation of the Old Earth from the New Earth. I caught myself the other day saying “They live in the old world” and I had a moment of what the? In that moment it felt clear as day that there were two worlds, overlapping each other yet existing in different dimensions: much like that scene in the Mists of Avalon where the priestesses of Avalon were unseen by the nuns from the nearby convent walking right by them.  {NB: The recent revelations about author Marion Zimmer Bradley are relevant to many of the themes discussed in this energy report, but due to it being a sensitive topic needing a major trigger warning, I have discussed it in a separate post here.}
Will the two worlds separate permanently eventually, or will there always be an opportunity to go from the old to the new for those in the old? I honestly have to say I don’t know for sure. My feeling is that our awareness and understanding of parallel realities will make a quantum leap in the coming year and years. Right now, we don’t have a full daily conscious awareness of our parallel realities, whereas we are still very aware of this ‘old’ world. Nor is it as black and white as being able to separate people into two categories ‘awake’ and ‘not awake’. Some people are conscious in some areas and not in others, and vice versa.
The concept that does make sense to me, the one that has been a constant throughout my life about these times, is the one of Alignment. The Earth, or New Earth if you like, is moving up into a higher vibration and we need to shift also to be part of that reality. All that which is not in alignment will collapse or transform….or perhaps stay in an old Earth reality that would exist as a separate parallel reality. How that would actually occur is for now a mystery to me. As mentioned, there almost is an ‘old world’ and ‘new world’ existing right now, but the two are aware of each other at this time (with many thinking the ones in the ‘other’ world are the crazy ones). This mutual awareness of the other world is not consistent with usual parallel worlds, and this can only suggest that there is plenty more to unfold.
I don’t have a time-frame for this Phase II just like I didn’t have a time frame for Phase I, and I think that’s a good thing. The date given to us for the end of the former evolutionary cycle (the infamous Dec 21 2012 date) created a strong ‘waiting’ energy, and it is no longer appropriate or empowering to ‘wait’. 
The call now is for embodiment and action, of walking our talk, of living what we know, of creating in our physical reality that which we have held for so long as dreams and visions.  Our hearts will continue to open and expand while our identities and connections with others will continue to flux and feel fluid-like as we continue this process of expanding into new, updated versions of ourselves. The bars of alignment, integrity and authenticity will be raised ever higher, with inner and outer revelations continuing to smash illusions and deceptions that have been restricting us individually and collectively.
This will feel liberating, confronting, empowering, overwhelming, exhilarating and exhausting depending on the day! As the outer world changes so rapidly, and even as your energy fields shift so dramatically, hold on to whatever you know to be good and centring for you: your breath, the love you have with your partner, children or other loved ones, a regular walk or swim, goals you are passionate about that you can steadily move towards, activities that are fun and joyful, or relaxing and restful. Creativity, craft, gardening, creating: these sorts of things will feel good to many of you now as we seek outlets for our deep soul need at this time to physically express and anchor who we are energetically and vibrationally.
There feels to be plenty more to say, and I get this image of now taking the first steps into a large as yet unexplored space. I look forward to writing more about this new space in the coming weeks and months.
Onward and upward with lots of love,


© Dana Mrkich 2014

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of Online Courses Let Love In, and Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.  
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  1. Fascinating, and gratitude!

  2. Dear Dana,
    I can relate to this very much :-) Beeing more creative lately, with blogging, enjoying nature, gardening and crocheting more than meditating feels really good to me. Have been so tired around solstice, but I know now, that this means, to get a break and be for my one.
    Thanks a lot
    Love & light

  3. This article has stirred a lot in me,

    When I had just finished reading your article my mother told me her dream from last night. She had met three children who were siblings, all of same age and size wearing white. They had asked her something, she was dressed in red. Red used to be her favorite color all her life until a couple of years ago - now she wears turquoise. She had suggested to ask this question from their mother, "your mother will know" she had said.

    For me this is about the trinity you are writing about. Trinity (physical-mental+spiritual) is probably the next step of the evolution from duality (physical + mental) to multidimensionality and it happens in the framework of the Divine Feminine which Gaia is manifesting.

    So, maybe we will develop from duality to trinity when we learn to work with Gaia and not against her.

    I even remember having read somewhere that the planet might be in the process of developing three poles instead of two. The magnetic field is supposed to change in a manner this might be possible. I don't know...

    Thank you for this incredible article!

  4. This tied everything up so neatly that I read it twice...and the most awesome thing happened!!!

    I was sitting outside contemplating this post, watching horsetail clouds pass by and eagles fly. I realized there was a rainbow in one of the small clouds and watched it. In front of the rainbow cloud there appeared a cloud that resembled an angel flying with huge wings and arms stretched out in front, in her hands it looked like there was something in the shape of fire coming out of them. The rainbow cloud was at her feet.

    The cloud passed by and there was the rainbow again only in a cloud that looked like a spiral of energy going straight up. Then a cloud formed into another angel flying with her arms and wings stretched to the side and the rainbow spiral was coming out of her upper back.

    At the same time a small patch of what looked like light blue smoke started rolling out wards from a clear part of the sky and then a large ragged hole formed. A light blue color showed through and was so pure and clean, bright, a different shade than our blue sky. The "smoke" came rolling out of the hole and became a larger cloud that looked like rolling smoke and it kept that pure color. There was another rainbow around the hole that was brighter than the others. I wondered if I was looking at a tear in the dimensions. Then it all went away.

    I am still thanking the universe for letting me see that!!!