Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creating your reality...laws and disclaimers

Different teachers use different words but we're all really saying the same thing: "believe it and you'll see it", "ask, believe, receive", "as ye shall ask, so shall ye receive", "If you can see it and dream it, you can achieve it."

These are more than just inspirational quotes, they are laws of vibration and reality creation. I wish we were all taught this in school, but it's never too later to remember these teachings and apply them to our lives.

One thing that is important to also know in conjunction with the above is the small print disclaimers that follow : "if it is truly meant for you", "in the best most right divine timing", "if it is for your highest good". These aren't the Universe covering itself just in case things don't work out. They are laws working for you. Sometimes we think we want something, or someone, but our Soul can see what is up the road - something better, something more in alignment with who we really are - and so we are re-directed.

Other times we have fears, beliefs or other priorities (conscious and subconscious) that are in conflict with what we want, and so what we want is shoved to the side until we address those. If we believe that having xyz will lead to a loss of something (freedom, time, self), then we will delay it over and over again until we truly don't believe that anymore. One day, when that belief, fear or priority changes, we wake up to new ideas, solutions and pathways that give us new clarity, opening us up to actions that never occurred to us before - allowing us to let in our dreams and desires.

Go easy on yourself as you create your life. It is a work in progress, and with new expansion comes new dreams and desires. Enjoy all you have done so far, and look forward to the more that is to come.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


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