Friday, March 13, 2015

Energy and intentions overriding your words

Here is a great example of how our energy and intentions are overriding our physical realm right now, more than ever!

Last weekend I had arranged to meet with a friend for lunch. She asked me to choose a place as it was for my upcoming birthday. I looked for something half-way between our homes, and kept gravitating to this gorgeous cafe by the river. It had the kind of view I loved - looking out onto the water.

When I clicked on the photo's of it though, it looked like someone had set a shipping container down in the middle of nowhere, and all I could see around it was dirt as far as the eye could see. Hmm..nice view, but where were all the grass and trees? 

So I found another place, described as being in an enchanted garden! Happy with my choice, I emailed her the details and we decided to meet at 1pm the next day.

I parked, just as she called saying she was parking. Great!

"I'm parked right next to the playground." I said.

"So am I!" she replies.

"I'm staring at the red spiderweb climbing thing."

"Umm, I'm looking at a white one"

"Are you near the cafe?"

"Yes it's to my left."

"It's to my right, I'll walk around. Are you looking at the river?"

"What river?? I'm in a garden!!"

After a lot of confusion and texting each other the local "Where am I now" map, it turned out that she was at the cafe I had originally wanted to go to! It was 5 kilometres (3 miles) away!

I asked her how on earth she had ended up there - I hadn't even mentioned that I had been looking at it. She said "That's just what popped in my mind when you said the name of the cafe, it's where I thought you meant."

"Well I did want to go there because of the view, but I'm really not sure about all that dirt for miles around it."

"What dirt? There is a huge park, playgrounds, a walkway, a waterpark, it's gorgeous!" Clearly it's an old photo on the site!

I LOVE that her energy responded to my energy, rather than mere words in an email - meanwhile my energy obviously thought 'This is the place you really want to go to, trust me there's grass and trees as well as the view!"

So aside from yet another lesson in: "follow your first intuition" it was such a clear indicator that people, and life, are responding now to our energy and intentions more than ever. Logic and words are taking a back seat to what your heart truly wants and needs for you.

Have any of you got a story like this?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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