Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One phase closes, and a huge door opens

This week we find ourselves at the end of a major astrological chapter, and at the beginning of a major new one. Since June 2012, Uranus has squared off with Pluto not once, but 7 times. Both these guys are transformation specialists.

Working in tandem, Pluto acts kind of like a building inspector, going through a high-rise building, entering every room from top storey to basement, inspecting, checking things off on his clipboard. Pluto likes everything functioning at optimum power. If there is anything amiss, anything not in alignment with occupational health and safety standards, anything a bit dodgy or untoward going on, if the foundation is not solid, or if the walls were created using low-quality plaster, Pluto will not hesitate to make a note on his bit of paper: Marked for demolition! Needs an upgrade and refurbishment!  Light wattage to be increased!

He calls in Uranus, the trigger-happy electrician/explosives expert. Uranus opens his coat and asks 'What do you need? I've got new wires for re-wiring, I've got sparks for extra shocks, and I've got dynamite if you want the whole shebang to come tumbling down."

Pluto issues his directions and the rest is, well, what is now your history of the last almost 3 years.

Depending on where these Uranus/Pluto meetings were happening in your personal natal chart (I have included a list below of the signs/degrees), you may or may not have been consciously aware of what exactly in your life - inner and/or outer - was being transformed. For some it may have been subtle, for others extremely direct, but we've all experienced this influence on some level because we all have the related signs/degrees somewhere in our chart. (You can get a free chart at www.astro.com)

As we pop out the other side of the final 7th meeting, it may only be now that you can look back in hindsight, look at the dates below (even if you don't know your chart specifics) and ask yourself: What was going on during those times? And what theme has been playing out over this period? 

You may find that something quite specific started to play out mid 2012, that has gone through several metamorphosis's and shifts. You may also feel, or will soon, that whatever was playing out has come to a final conclusion, a final resolution or realisation. Perhaps a full circle moment has happened. Something that was out of balance is now balanced or coming into balance in a clearer way. Something that needed addressing has been acknowledged. A healing or outcome that perhaps wasn't possible before is now possible. A particular story of your life is now being put to bed, and you can move forward in a new way: transformed, with a new feeling of power in some way. All of these things are examples of how we may feel in this 'After' phase of this series of alignments.

Uranus Square Pluto Exact Alignment Dates 2012-2015

    June 24, 2012: Uranus 08° 23' Aries/ Pluto 08° 23' Capricorn
    Sept 18, 2012: Uranus 06° 57' Aries, Pluto 06° 57' Capricorn
    May 20, 2013: Uranus 11° 14' Aries, Pluto 11° 14' Capricorn
    Nov 1, 2013:    Uranus 9° 26' Aries, Pluto 9° 26' Capricorn
    April 21, 2014: Uranus 13° 34' Aries, Pluto 13° 34' Capricorn
    Dec 14, 2014: Uranus 12° 35' Aries, Pluto 12° 35' Capricorn
    March 16, 2015: Uranus 15° 18' Aries, Pluto 15° 18' Capricorn

Now, as they say as one door closes another one opens and as timing would have it, this Friday we have the opening of a huge door: The New Moon Solar Eclipse on 29° 27' Pisces, a whisper of a hair away from 0 degrees Aries which represents the beginning of the astrological wheel, is immediately followed by the 21 March Equinox. 

Being so close to the end of a sign could definitely represent huge endings for some people, but a) being a Solar Eclipse and b) being so close to the forward-momentum oriented Aries, the ending will very quickly make way for a new beginning. Anything that happens during a Solar Eclipse is one of those destined things 'written in the stars' so to speak, and knowing that can make some things easier to deal with.

Others will feel the push of the forward movement almost immediately. The time period of Thursday night through the weekend is a really powerful 'portal' time, where you can truly set some amazing intentions into motion, and receive clear insights as to the best directions and actions to take. Sit down with your journal or meditate for 10 minutes each of those days for maximum benefit.

What has your Uranus/Pluto theme been?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. "What has your Uranus/Pluto theme been?"

    Uranus has been moving through my 10th house (career) since 2006 and my job situation became a jump from rock to rock since that time (five different jobs in six years as I tried to find the right fit at a stable company).

    The first two Pluto/Uranus squares saw one more career move for me, into the job I am currently at.

    The process was absolutely miserable in every possible way, but when I look back I see that there was a cosmic method in the madness. My current job is amazing, sustaining me financially and fulfilling my soul, but it was not easy to get! It required experience in this industry (which I didn't have in 2006, but acquired in my last two jobs previous to this one) and I had a lot of competition for my position... but the bosses I had worked for in my previous two jobs were giants in their fields and the letters of recommendation those previous bosses wrote for me were names my current employers knew and respected.

    It is absolutely amazing how an experience that seems like heart-wrenching chaos (how many times can a person get laid off or have to leave financially unstable companies?) is actually perfectly geared into the perfect path with the perfect end result!

    Pluto is currently moving through my 7th house (close personal relationships/partnerships). The Pluto/Uranus squares dissolved my closest personal relationship (my high school BFF). It was absolutely the best thing for us both, as we are on radically different life paths and are not able to truly understand/support the other in ways needed, although the wounds haven't quite healed yet. I also know that this space had to open up in my life so that I could meet my future Mr. Right.

    It has been a difficult three years, but I am perfectly poised for what comes next. :)

  2. Hi Dana,

    Thank you for this information!
    I find it fascinating what you wrote...the start of 2012 was when I started to awaken and the beginning of 2015 was when I decided to teach spiritual yoga. I would have never even thought to go down this road if it wasn't for these last 3 years.
    Love and light to you💗