Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creating our Reality

Continuing on from yesterday's discussion about Manifesting and the ways in which we create our reality, here is an excerpt from my course Create a Life You Love:

We create our reality much the same way as we choose what we want to watch on television. If you want to watch the MTV Music awards, you know that you have to turn your set on to the MTV station. You don't spend time wondering how the broadcast gets to you when you are in London and the awards are in LA. You don't worry about the ten steps that need to happen between camera, presenter, director, studio and satellite to get the show into your living room. All you know is: I want to watch the show. You turn on the right station at the right time, with no doubt you will see what you expect to see. It wouldn't cross your mind to turn to a sports station and get frustrated because instead of music you can only see football which you don't like at all;yet we do that kind of thing all the time with our thoughts and beliefs. We know we have the power to change the television channel anytime we want, but we have forgotten about the power we have to change and choose our own life.

So, this all sounds easy enough: focus on what you want to see and you'll see it in your reality. Why then aren't we all keeping our attention on our 'Abundance' channel, 'Work I Love' channel and 'Soulmate' channel more often? Well, no-one gave us a life instruction manual when we were born, most of our parents didn't know this is how it worked, and it hasn't been until relatively recently that people are waking up to, and then teaching, this information that is our divine birthright to know. Secondly, we have been living in an ego/fear based reality for a long time, so it has become our unnatural natural tendency to focus on what we don't have, or on obstacles that we believe are in the way of what we want to have. We may desire more money, but all we think about is our bills and debt. We yearn for greater freedom and travel, but keep saying things like 'you have to work to live' or 'you need money for that and I can't see how I'm going to suddenly get that much money'. Any time, and every time, that we indulge in thoughts like that, which bring up matching heavy feelings, we are like someone flicking to ESPN every few minutes, when all they really want to do is enjoy the MTV music awards show. We do ourselves zero favours when we tune in to channels we have no desire to watch. We also tend to focus on irrelevant channels. If you want to manifest a wonderful home or three month trip to Europe, picture it, feel it and let go of the mind's need to logically sort out how it will happen. Don't start trying to manifest the amount of money you assume you'll need, because money usually isn't your Soul's true desire. Place your attention on your true desire, the home or the trip, and let the Universe answer your request in a way you would never have thought of.

The channels you choose are ultimately run by two 'networks': fear, doubt and worry being one, love, faith, trust, being the other. It is your decision in every moment as to which one you want to subscribe to. The simple act of consciously choosing, and committing to, your preferred network is so powerful and often bypasses the need to focus on specific channels. When you have faith and trust, you will more easily spend a day relaxing and having fun, which releases your resistance and allows the flow of all you want to come to you. When you have faith and trust you will more easily give to others, turning your attention away from any lack or 'I'm not enough/I don't have enough' energy, shifting your energy to vibrate with the message "I have a lot to offer" which is like hanging a neon light above you, bringing more clients or the right partner to your door.

The third issue is that we have so many subconscious factors at play, influencing our choices and decisions. We may in all earnestness decide we want to place our attention on the 'Abundance' channel, 'Health' channel or 'Faith and Trust' network, but if we have old programs in our system they will inevitably interfere with our creation process. It is for this reason that simply visualising and affirming what you want doesn't work. If you are asking for more money, but a deeper part of you doesn't feel worthy or associates money with greed or any number of other conflicting messages, you are sending out a mixed signal via your vibrational energy. When your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, subconscious energy and desires don't match, it is like projecting four different films out onto a movie screen at the same time. The good thing is: you don't have to spend a whole lot of time digging into your energy to find what your conflicting messages are.

To break the pattern of tuning in to a channel you are no longer into, and make a quantum leap into a new reality and experience, be it in one part of your life or your whole life, you have to shift your entire energy to align with the new reality and experience. In doing so anything within your vibrational field that is not aligned with what you want will naturally come up for attention and release. However if you don’t realise this is what’s happening you can get disillusioned thinking ‘Hey, I set out to have a clean house and now I find dust all over me!” Well guess what, this is what often happens when you clean house! You don’t want to give this dust a lot of energy, but you certainly don’t want to push it back down, or sweep it under the carpet only for it to keep influencing you. You only need to acknowledge it, address it however appropriate, and keep moving forward with your intention. Eventually the dust will settle and you WILL end up on the other side with a wonderful, new space. 

Excerpt from Week 1 of the 7 week e-course Create a Life you Love

(c) Dana Mrkich

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