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July 2013 Monthly Visions: Entering our Next Level

July 2013 Monthly Visions: Entering our Next Level

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Hallelujah for July! Yes we’ve still got a long way to go, but something major has shifted this month. We’ve all been waiting this year for something to look and feel drastically different, for some sort of big sign that yes, we are in a completely new evolutionary cycle. We’ve seen the global protests in multiple countries and thought hmmm..yes, yes, this is a good sign! We’re witnessing a stream of whistleblowers, truth-revealers and all kinds of ‘positive change for humanity’ movements gaining momentum, rapidly increasing millions of peoples’ awareness. Fab. Yet even though we are seeing all of this, really we’ve all been waiting for something to feel drastically different. It doesn’t matter what you read, hear or even see. For anything to really ‘click’ within, we have to feel it as our own truth.
It’s as if we’ve all been pre-programmed with a ‘it’s happened’ or ‘it’s happening’ switch, (whatever ‘it’ is, and I think ‘it’ is so much bigger and greater than we can possibly consciously perceive right now). Instinctively we’d all just know when this switch clicked to green ‘it’s a go’ aka Houston Mission Control style. Last month we spoke about the carwash analogy – being in that little vehicle cubicle, going through the wash, rinse, dry cycle over and over again. Finally, finally, at the beginning of July the light went to green, and oh my godfather, it actually stayed green!!!  The switch clicked, and so many of us could feel it! We may not have known exactly what happened, but from all the comments that poured in from my post that weekend everyone felt a lightness and happiness for no particular reason.
We started piling out of those cubicles and I’m getting this vision now of us all thinking “Quick, let’s get as many of us out as possible until they shut the doors again!” But here we are, mid-July and….the doors are still open!!!! This is unprecedented for anyone who has been following the energy waves of not only this year but the years and years leading up to this time.  We’ve had openings before sure. Yet to have an opening that is this clear, this large, carrying this number of people through to another, higher dimension and to be staying open for this long….unprecedented.  
Just a note re going up to a higher dimension – we are still here, in our physical bodies, on this Planet Earth. We are not being beamed up anywhere aka the Rapture! The Planet is moving into a higher dimension and we’re going with her. This is a vibrational upgrade just like your television went from analogue to digital. If anything, our shift is making us feel more connected to Earth, not less. Just less connected to old drama’s and old ways of being here. We are feeling more love and more compassion for her and for all on her. We are feeling compelled to do something other than what we have been doing. If your focus has been on inner work, you are likely now feeling you want to participate in something physical be it creating a new form of education or media, getting involved in self-sustainable housing or food production, becoming more active in activism and social change. If your focus has been on the physical and material aspects of life you are likely now feeling more of a yearning to go inward and understand yourself more – as well as wanting to make a difference in the outer world. 

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” Dr Seuss.

This is one of my all time favourite quotes and so aptly describes the fresh, clear, empowering and liberating feel of July so far. Where we were feeling a lack of motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration is returning. If we were feeling disillusioned, hope is emerging like a rainbow after a cloudy day. If we still had residual junk left over in our energy fields from years or lifetimes worth of karma and experiences and clearing processes, it’s like a Cosmic Pick Up Truck came along and took a big load away, driving it off to the Universal Recycling Plant. We feel lighter. We feel more joyful and grateful. We’ve been around long enough to know not to say…oh thank goodness, it’s all over now, it’s all sunshine from here on in! So, enjoy this window while it’s here. We all know there’ll be another carwash up the road soon enough to give us a good polish and detail, taking us out of our ‘I just got used to this space and now you’re moving me?’ zone yet again, however the window that we’re in now has opened up something in us, and whatever it has opened up is ours now, to be used and felt and accessed whenever we want or need it. We have opened up to something that we weren’t able to open up to yet – as a group, as a collective as well as on our own individual journey’s. This opening can’t be shut down no matter how many more carwashes there are still ahead of us.
If there was a Galactic reality show airing in the Cosmos called Keeping up with the Humans, it would be a ratings winner right now. The feeling is that after 6 months of being dunked under the water over and over and over and over again (ever since THAT date), we finally got a break.  Another vision that’s come through is when a baby’s head emerges a bit out then in, out then in during the pushing phase in some labours. If the official beginning of our new cycle represented the date humanity ‘crowned’, (top of head showing for those not up with birthing lingo), well July represented the date that the head finally emerged in full. There is no turning back now!
From the beginning of the month the energy of victory was in the air - as if we'd been doing round after round in the boxing ring, finally the bell went off, and exhausted but joyous we held up our arm to signal we'd won - that battle anyway. Yes, 'win/lose', 'light/dark' type thinking is old reality I know, but nevertheless something massive shifted, it felt good, and it felt very clear that humanity had turned a corner. Maybe we got past a point that those watching the reality show weren't quite sure we'd get past, but they were hoping and praying we would because they are cheering and high 5-ing all over the place.  
An influential factor in July’s energy is the super rare astro alignment on July 17: the Grand Water Trine of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces (all on 5 degrees of those signs if you know your chart). We're already feeling the influence of it now and have been all month. This alignment is a beautiful blend that is helping to make the impossible possible. Our deepest dreams, wishes and desires (those we might put under 'fairytale come true' category) combine with grounded, practical action and good fortune (right place, right time) to create one of the best potential windows you've had in a while to go for something you've been wanting for a long time.
Neptune provides the vision, Saturn suggests you'll need to put in the work, but Jupiter is ready with his sack of abundance and success to make it all worthwhile. Anytime now is a great time to give conscious thought to what you would really like a big boost of massive help with, what do you need to shift once and for all? Completely let go of how this may happen, the universe usually has a much better, easier plan for us than we can conceive, but at the same time follow your inner nudges and instincts if they say do this, or go there.
If you are ready for your Soulmate but at the same time think 'How will I ever meet him/her?', I say to people all the time: "The Universe knows where you live." Now more than ever synchronicities are working overtime to bring people together in ways you never could have planned: "I wasn't going to go into that shop but I did..", "I was going to leave the party early but my favourite song came on and I thought I'd stay 5 more minutes...". Whether you are looking for the one, a new job, or guidance about a decision you have to make, now is a great time to say to the Universe I'm ready for this, thank you for showing me the way, thank you for bringing this person to me or this new opportunity to me.  If you feel nudged to go somewhere you’d never usually go, or stay a bit longer somewhere but your logical mind is saying ‘why do you want to do that, there’s no reason, look at your watch, it’s time to go home’, try to just go with your feelings even if they make no sense.
Yes Divine Timing always plays a role in us attracting what we want, so we have to take that into consideration, but you can at least meet Divine Timing halfway so that you're ready when the time is ready. Your own energy also plays a role - if there is something you want that isn't happening, it often means there is a part of you that for some reason doesn't want it - or doesn't want it quite yet. Journal with that part. Ask it: why don't you want this? Or why don't you want this yet? The Grand Trine on July 17 is Magic in an Astro-bottle so drink it up and use it to step up and out into the next level of You.  
The Grand Trine is affecting us the whole of this month, and I keep receiving the message that this isn’t a contained astrological event that is only effective for this period. They are showing it to me more as a portal, an opening, allowing us to gain access to things we might put in the ‘magic and miracles’ category not just this month but from now on in, into the coming months and years.  Be open to the fact that magic and miracles can and do occur. Ask for guidance. Tell the universe you are ready. Tell yourself you are ready for your next level.
If new ideas or opportunities come to you, notice any old sabotaging thoughts pop up that try to convince you "oh this is all just too hard, you can't do this, what's the point, it'll fail anyway." Just like you can delete the junk mail in your inbox, so too you can press delete on thoughts like that.
 A new template, a new potential, a new paradigm has opened, which will increasingly see us experiencing and creating things we’d formerly think of as ‘fairytales’ or ‘impossible’ as the new normal. How many times have you been told “You’re in dreamland” when you articulate your hopes or dreams be it for a soulmate, a vision you have for a new home or healing sanctuary, or the way you’d like to see countries and business run? We are entering a new level of what we expect from life. We, and even more so our children and grandchildren’s generations, will look back and think it inconceivable that we tolerated what we have tolerated, that we accepted less than we deserve in every area of life and society. In the exact same way that you might look back on your relationship history and think, how on earth did I put up with that!? so too will humanity look back on its history and think the same thing.
For those who have been on a certain path for a long time, don't be surprised if new pathways are opening up in a whole other direction than the one you expected! Really pay attention to what you are being guided toward over the next month. We are being given strong signs at the moment telling us in one way or another: "this way, this way!"
On July 22 we have a Full Moon at 0 Degrees Aquarius, and this feels very significant. 0 Degrees of any sign is considered a powerful point. The first 2000 years of this new 26, 000  year cycle is renowned for being the Age of Aquarius, a sign that is commonly thought of as being the ‘water-bearer’ but an informative comment on my Facebook page  from Ron Laswell of www.astrochakras.com let us know that Aquarius in fact represents a “downpouring of cosmic energy” which makes so much sense in light of the foundation of this ‘new age’. (It makes sense too with the visions associated with these times of ‘great waves all over the Earth’ – they are waves of high frequency energy).
Then on July 29 we have an Earth Grand Trine featuring the Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn (9 degrees for each, if you know your chart). This is exciting to astrologers because it merges with the Water Grand Trine to form a ‘Star of David’.  Now, a three-dimensional Star of David is a Merkaba, which is felt by some to be the shape of our ‘light body vehicle’. If you are unfamiliar with the Merkaba you can picture a pyramid facing up, with an upside down pyramid coming down through it. This represents the merging of Heaven and Earth – to bring the energies of ‘Heaven’ or the higher dimensions down to Earth, and for Earth to embody the higher energies of the higher dimensions.
So for the whole of July we have a series of astrological happenings supporting our shift into a very new level of divine manifestation, helping us to bring in and create our highest potential right here on Earth.
We can expect to see a continuation of ‘people power’ groups, no longer willing to accept unethical actions and decisions of governments, corporations and systems. It may seem that chaos is reigning but this is partly due to the fact that we are becoming more aware now of so much that has been going on for a long time, and partly due to the fact that awareness of something triggers a ‘fight or flight’ mentality in anything that has depended on lack of awareness for its survival. That which isn’t a match for the new, higher vibration has to collapse or transform – but some things/people/systems will go to one of these two destinations kicking and screaming first. We’ve all had kicking and screaming moments, and many of us will continue to have these sometimes – even when life is trying to expand us into a greater version of ourselves, or you could say especially when!
It can be frustrating (and scary) to see governments tightening the reins of control the more they see people awakening, but it helps to remember:’ oh okay, this is what happens to me too when a part of me awakens and another part of me feels threatened by that, not wanting to leave its comfort zone’. By all means do what you feel to do: protest, write letters, meditate, pray, vision how you want things to be, create your own movement, change your shopping habits etc.  So awareness is not a suggestion to become passive as things unfold, rather it is a place from which you can respond consciously in whatever way feels best and right for you.
There is a tremendous amount of ‘fear of loss of power’ occurring everywhere now, and we can feel that with the tightening energy. When ones source of power comes from power over others that is not authentic power at all, and so what is being ‘lost’ was not ours to have in the first place when we are in that category. Of course this old power game we’ve been playing on the Earth plane is a two-way street, and power had to be handed over by someone in order for it to be used by others. Some people are claiming their power back with both arms, others are flailing around in panic, throwing it back like it’s a hot potato. Lack of power can be a comfort zone as it also comes with no need for self-responsibility.  
So we are seeing this balancing thing happening with personal power, whether we’re within ourselves, in our relationships, or between governments or corporations and ‘the people’. We’re also seeing the conflict and chaos that is ensuing where power isn’t ready to be handed over or ready to be owned and received. To the best of our ability we need to be conscious now of what role we are playing with our Power – are we owning our Power consciously? Are we avoiding it and in a habit of blaming others for our situation or being dependent on others to rescue or validate us? Or do we use our energy to overpower or manipulate others? None of us are perfect and we may be surprised at how often we do any of the two extremes just in our day to day life let alone on the big world stage. What you will notice is, anytime you step out of your power these days – whether it’s going against your own true feelings and essentially letting someone else drive your soul car, or pushing against someone else’s true feelings and essentially bumping them out of their soul driver’s seat – you will feel it and more than feel it, you will usually see the consequences. 
Wishing you all a powerful July, it’s certain to be one of those months that you look back on and think wow, that was a real turning point for me this year.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, or for regular energy updates join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for this informative post, Dana. It's uplifting and inspirational to have all of this cosmic energy happening right now! What an incredible time to be living in and witness these changes!

  2. Very interesting and exciting!

  3. Very interesting and exciting!