Monday, January 26, 2015

Going higher...finally!

We've talked about the spiral path a lot in these posts to help explain how even though it may seem we are repeating issues and patterns over again, we are not going round in circles. Rather, we are always going higher, gaining new insights and awareness, and travelling deeper, seeing clearer into more aspects of our hidden selves.

Until recently, this has felt much like a never- ending excavation process with us wondering, when will it end? Well, we have finally broken through into a new space as a collective, allowing us a very new experience with our spiral path. 

We have become experts at going 'deeper', yet the 'going higher' part seemed to have a cap on it. It was as if we could only see or receive so much, but no more. Or it was easy to feel connected for minutes or hours, but not days or weeks. We discovered and remembered many of energy's natural laws - that we are the creators of our reality, that if you can imagine it, it is possible - but it has been a challenge to remain vigilant over subconscious thoughts and beliefs that have ruled the roost for so long, constantly wanting control over our steering wheel.

2015 has brought with it a massive shift. We have received an upgrade unlike any other so far. We have emerged into a higher level of 'the field' than we have had access to before on this grand a scale when it comes to number of people residing in it.

Now, instead of mainly receiving higher and deeper insights into our 'issues', we are receiving lightning-bolt fast, vivid and clear insights into our natural/energetic/spiritual laws and potential. We are finding it easier to have our thoughts and actions be aligned with the truth within our heart and soul - in fact, it is becoming harder to think or act in our old ways.

More and more we will be able to 'get it' and 'see it' and 'feel it' with a greater awareness when it comes to our soul's natural knowing of this higher, greater reality field of limitless possibility that is all around us. Most importantly, we are going to embody more of those things for more of our waking hours, that have been predominantly or even partly only concepts and knowings. They will be integrated, practical aspects of our day to day living experience.

This is happening now. This is what this year is ushering in for those who have 'crossed the bridge'. Crossing the bridge requires travelling light - that is, release your baggage, clean up your energy field and thus life of all that is not in alignment with who you really are. Most of you reading this have done this. If you haven't, there are plenty of tools and facilitators out there to help you to do it.

How are you all today?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. The perspective here about how this all works is a bit different than the one behind this message:

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      In what way do you feel it is different?


  2. So true, wonderful. Thank you, Thank you Dana. Love and Light.

  3. Wonderful info Dana, that resonates well. From my heart to yours, thank you. 💖

  4. Wonderful info Dana, that resonates well. From my heart to yours, thank you. 💖