Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time: Super fast and super slow-mo!

Has anyone else noticed a difference with your experience of Time this year? I am having a lot of periods where time feels much more expansive. It feels like we can do a lot more in a shorter period, with sharper clarity and focus. We can feel the joy of doing what we're doing more fully. Yet even though it feels like we are achieving more, it also feels like we are moving at a much more relaxed, stop to smell the roses, going with the flow kind of pace.

This differs to the experience of the last couple of years, where no matter how fast we moved, we still couldn't catch up with time as it sped by every day! This still happens sometimes. It is yet another aspect of this 'all or nothing' phase, where time is either super accelerated, or super slow-mo!!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


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  1. Although I've felt this, I must admit that time lapses have been my constant this month right since the beginning. All of a sudden I don't know what day it is (even after looking at the calendar and writing down the date a few times because of work) or I start a monday believing it's already friday... Awkward!