Monday, January 12, 2015

How did the written Soul Sessions start?

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I nearly fell off my chair the other day, writing to someone that I've been doing Sessions since 1995 - which means 20 years this year!! To this day I never cease to be amazed and humbled by how it works.

They have evolved over time, starting out with tarot which was fantastic for developing my intuitive muscle. One of my mum's friends asked me to do a reading for her. We did the spread, and it started: the tap of words just started flowing.

 After some time of reading for friends, family then eventually clients, I was no longer looking at the cards and let them go completely because I was tired of people asking "What does that card mean?" Then my mum encouraged me to get people up onto the healing table so I could hold my hands over their energy field and read that way. "I can't do that!" I said. Well, turns out I could.

Technology eventually came along, and in person sessions expanded to Skype. One day I replied to someone by email, and wooshka out came a downloaded written session!

When I tune in, I am receiving the information directly from your energy field and higher consciousness, so there is no need for in person/phone etc contact. In fact, having done in person for many years prior I find the written sessions allow a different kind of excavation to happen as the mind (on either of our parts) isn't as engaged when I'm typing away vs when we are both talking. 

The sessions are a combination of an initial written download (an hour's worth for the full session) as received by me from your energy, plus a follow up reply portion where we discuss via email what has come up. You will be given some sort of 'homework' to take forward with you be it questions to ask yourself during meditation or journalling, practical action steps to take, guidance regarding emotional inner shifts that are ready to happen (and how to do that) - each session is unique according to your Soul needs at this time.

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