Thursday, January 22, 2015

What is your Energy saying to you?

Our energy is speaking to us loud and clear this year. Well it always has, only we are now hearing it and feeling it in a stronger way. When energies are super high as they will be from now on in, everything within us and in our lives that is not true to how our souls would like us to be is highlighted, felt more intensely, seen more clearly and often released or changed completely with or without our conscious desire. So, depending on your perspective this can feel totally liberating, or leave you feeling quite dishevelled.

Inner and outer turmoil forces us to ask the questions: What needs to change? What do I need more of? What do I want less of?

We are really being called to be true to our heart and soul this year more than ever. So when you are feeling flat and exhausted it's a good opportunity to ask yourself:

- What is out of balance here? What am I doing too much of? Or too little of? Am I giving out more than I am receiving? You can't be of any use to anyone with an empty cup. Take time to fill yourself with things that nourish you. It can be as simple as having your cup of tea in a really special cup, going outside for 5 minutes, or taking time out to check your inner emails by way of journalling, meditation or some freestyle crayon drawing/painting.

If you find yourself feeling hyper-sensitive or hyper-emotional (not just now but anytime in this coming year), there is a message there for you somewhere:

- Are you holding on to an outdated belief, emotion, perspective, habit etc that is past its expiry date and wants to be let go of asap? It will no longer feel good, a hundred times more than usual.

- Are you feeling something that isn't yours? As sensitives it is easy to 'feel' what someone else is feeling. Sometimes you consciously recognise it isn't your emotion, other times you don't realise, simply feeling more and more drained/irritated/angry without knowing why. We need to take care that we don't take on energy and emotions that don't belong to us. If you aren't sure just say:" If this is not mine please leave" and see it going out to the Universe to be dealt with however appropriately.

- Keep your energy clear. We have water showers but we forget to have energy showers! You can visualise your energy being cleansed, you can smudge with sage, or you can say whatever affirmations feel right for you (link with ideas below). Once you get in the habit of doing this it starts to happen naturally.

We have to be more discerning, with greater boundaries than ever before, when it comes to the energetic environment within us and around us. The analogy I used in my 2015 report was that we have become allergic to that which doesn't serve us. This is just as true for emotional and mental toxins, as it is for environmental toxins.

It is more important than ever that we find ways to stay in a good, high vibrational space, and really pay attention when we are responding in an old pattern kind of way to something.

Here is a post specifically with tips and tools for getting centred and connected.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015

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  1. Dear Dana. Love this and tips and tools. Perfect timing, really needed this, it helps me to keep on going with my "mission". Thank you so much for sharing. Love and Light from me.