Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hi to higher vibrations, and bye bye bridge

Emotionally and energetically, we are in an all or nothing kind of place - and that refers to 2015 not just when there is a solar flare, although they will certainly help the process along!

What this means is, we became accustomed to living within two frequencies simultaneously. We were on a bridge between worlds for a long time. Now however, that bridge while perhaps still there in some form, is no longer there as it used to be - and certainly it is no longer one that we can stay on. It can't hold us, support us or sustain us anymore.

So you will find that you increasingly feel you 'have to' be in a higher vibrational space with your thoughts, perspectives, feelings, what you choose to focus on and believe, what you watch and read, what you eat, what you do and say, what and who you surround yourself with, and so on. You will feel it instantly when you are doing/reading/speaking/acting from a lower vibrational space/perspective.

This doesn't mean you can't read about certain topics or eat certain foods. It is all about what feels right FOR YOU. It is about how you feel about something when you are reading about it, eating it, or doing it. Happiness, joy, empowerment and freedom are among our soul's natural states of being, and we are all being called to live in those states. Not in a 'head in the sand/denial' kind of way, but in a 'when my head, heart and soul are clear, I can see clearly, respond clearly, act clearly' kind of way.

There is SO much to say on these new energies, and I have plenty of new energy messages pouring out faster than I can type and post.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015


  1. This resonates for me. Thank you so much for sharing, you are wonderful. Love and Light from me.

  2. (part 1)
    Dana, I'm glad you have sensed this and put out this message. Here's what I have come to know about this over the years.

    In the last several years there were more people "on path" than there were "completed" / ascension-ready.

    4D is a transition zone, literally a ladder between the levels of 3D and 5D. Odd numbered dimensions are dwelling areas while even numbered are transition zones.

    Unfortunately many people got into 4 D levels and decided to camp out there, literally attempting to turn ladder rungs into dwelling places. That was not meant to be and yet there were so many for so long just stopped that in early 2012 a 4D hologram was starting to form. But it was not sustainable and is not truly ascension, so in September of 2013 that got overruled / canceled /stopped. Since then it is very much indeed all or nothing - either finish ALL of your healing work and truly, fully complete or stay in 3D. No more ladder camping. That was all rather half-*ssed and is still clinging to 3D and limit.

    And the result? You said it yourself - stagnation. For EVERYONE. Not just for people camping in 4D but also for those who were ascension-ready and for Gaia and even for those who will continue their growth and evolution work in 3D, for even the 3D timeline has been held up, not allowed to move forward. Very often those who were ascension-ready were holding off the destructive 3D timeline so that all the ascension work done by individuals and Gaia would not be wasted. It was very exhausting and all were still in 3D physical vessels, which can only take so much. The ladder rung dwellers have been a real wrench in the works of this planetary ascension and have literally put the ascension of Gaia at risk with their lack of urgency.

  3. (part 2)
    This 'tweener level of people would look at most of the people in the world and see they were not as bad off and mistook / mistake this for being "done". This is not a race but it IS a competition, which, unbeknownst to many, literally means "aim together". And THE absolute BEST way to help this ascension effort is TO DO YOUR OWN INNER HEALING WORK! As Marianne Williamson said, you are NOT helping others by playing small yourself. It doesn't matter if anyone else "sees" the results of your inner work, it's about having the sheer guts to do it. It's not about what you do "out there" but what you are doing "in here".

    Many who tend to drag their heels have only moved forward when pushed energetically, yes, by solar activity or astrological / cosmic alignments etc., like they need a constant cattle prod or they're not budging. As soon as the peak of such energies fade, then these people let themselves get lulled back into lollygagging again. Folks, this has got to stop. It's long overdue to take the bull by the horns and PROACTIVELY, very INTENTIONALLY commit to your healing work.

    Yes Dana, as you say, there is a spiral affect, yes there are active times and times to rest and gather energy for the next push, but one could stand to take some initiative and not wait for someone or something else to push at their backs in order to keep moving forward. ASK for it, then don't resist the work when it is presented.

    If you TRULY want to ascend IN FULL to 5D (nothing short of that IS ascension) you all have got to get with it pronto. Yes it very much IS all or nothing. Be wholehearted about it. It's long past time to quit horsing around.

    2 things required for ascension
    1. Release what is not you.
    2. Embrace was IS truly you.

    Let me rephrase -
    1. Release all disempowering programs, limits, wounds, fears, ego issues, materialism.
    2. Connect to your Higher / Divine self and follow its guidance. (Quit dismissing your intuition, no matter how much it beats against the world "out there".)


    1. Cathy, this is one of the best replies/comments I have ever had in all my years of doing this. Thank you for taking the time to write it - it's just brilliant :)

      I feel like it should be a blog post all of its own! Do you have a blog I can link people to or would you mind if I re-posted crediting you as "Cathy" or however you'd prefer?

      Love to you,

      Dana x

  4. Dana, I do not have a blog as my energies have been used in other ways / not my role in this (a part of me would have wanted to but "upstairs" had other uses for me, ones that not all so many of us were on and someone had to do what we have). Yes, please, by all means... Repost it.


  5. I cannot agree more with everything you wrote!

    I have known about (and used) quantum physics principles (aka, law of attraction) from 2004 on, but for some reason 2014 was a year of regression for me. It was like I got exhausted with everything so I just stopped trying.

    2015 feels totally different.

    December 2014 I made changes to my diet and life that have helped lift me out of the 2014 cesspool (2014 was like a slow crawl through Hell, while still being conscious of quantum physics principles [so I was aware I was doing it to myself... but I didn't have the energy to shift it]).

    Things are MOVING FAST! I have already decided on several new chapters in my life that I am going to experience, and after multiple years of not knowing what I wanted this in and of itself feels like heaven, but the best part is I have 100% unshakable, unwavering confidence that I WILL obtain these goals.

    Whatever monkey I used to have on my back (whispering negative, pessimistic words to me) is GONE. All that is left if this pure, whole confidence and knowing. :) :D :D


    - Jacqueline

  6. I share Jacqueline's view of 2014... and the worst part was when I was asked 'what's wrong?'... because I had no idea how to explain why I was shuffling in so much mud!!!! It was frustrating to the max!

    I can't say 2015 is moving faster, but I must admit that since December 21st, it's definitely lighter! That monkey she's talking about... ain't harassing me no more =) but I must acknowledge that I still have a long way to go.

    Here's to 2015!